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Friday, June 8, 2018

Last Day of Elementary School

June 7th was Adrian's last day of elementary school. I know every mom says it, you know "I can't believe my baby is moving onto middle school" but honestly, I can't believe Adrian is moving onto middle school come August. It's been a long six years though, full of many ups and downs, but I know he has enjoyed it all. Time for the obligatory last day of school pic:

I do need to be honest though, I really thought he wasn't going to make it. Fifth grade has been quite the learning process for us. You would think I would know all about my child's learning by now but I realized a lot this year, First of all, there is a reading comprehension issue that we are working on. Then, there is some laziness on his part along with misunderstandings on mine. We are learning together.  (1st day of fifth grade pic!)

We still don't have a middle school for Adrian but I know the right decision will come to me. I am trying to find a private school where there will be a little more discipline and no state testing. Adrian does not do well on state testing and He really doesn't need the stress year after year. Public school is not for him but getting him into a private school hasn't been easy at all.

I know he will miss all the friends he has made in the past six years but it's time for everyone to go their separate ways. They can still call each other and I know they squad up on Fortnite all the time! By the way, is Fortnite all the rage in your home as well? Anyway, time to relax and enjoy the summer!! oh and just to tug on some heartstrings, check out his first day of Kindergarten picture:

The grand 5th grade adventure has come to end! Bring it on 6th grade!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

5 Tips for People Who Stand All Day

Disclosure: #advertisement I received compensation from Dr. Scholl’s® to write this post. All opinions are entirely my own. #CustomFitRelief #DrScholls

Life has been quite hectic lately. I started a new job with my family’s catering business and then back to school and now the holidays, life really couldn’t be any crazier. I am loving every minute of it but what I wasn’t loving was a constant aching back and feet. I stand all day at work and then run all over the place with the kids. It’s a constant Go! Go! Go! I needed relief so I scoured the internet and my friends for advice. I put it to good use and found 5 useful tips for people who stand all day.

Standing and walking all day has its good points. You burn calories and keep your body active. Standing all day however, causes lower back pain and discomfort in your feet. A couple weeks into my current job, I really started feeling tired, achy feet. I have tried many things and found a couple that have worked for me!

  1. Purchase the right shoes.  Wearing the right shoes is super important for someone who is standing all day! Find shoes that are comfortable and cushioned. Most shoe brands will have a “work shoe” section that has the shoe needed by people who work standing all day.

  1. Stretch throughout the day.  Keep your muscles and joints limber by stretching. Try standing stretches while you are standing, obviously not while you are with a customer, but definitely while you are on a break. Search for “standing stretching exercises” online and there are a plethora of exercises you can choose from.

  1. Find the right pair of insoles. A good, custom fit insole is a dream come true. I happened to be at Walmart one day and saw this super cool machine, the Dr. Scholl’s® Custom Fit® Orthotics Kiosk, while I was looking for insoles. I was drawn to it.

Dr. Scholl’s® experts in biomechanics developed the advanced FootMapping® technology used in the Custom Fit® kiosk. It uses over 2,000 pressure sensors to create your Custom Footmap – identifying your arch type, foot length and unique pressure points.

It’s also super easy to use. All you have to do is take off your shoes and stand on the footprints on the machine. You then touch the screen that is at face-level and answer a few questions. In under 2 minutes, the kiosk evaluates all this data and recommends the Custom Fit® Orthotic Inserts that are right for you!

Mine were the CF320. Once you get your results, you just grab the appropriate insert from the side of the kiosk. Easy and painless. The Dr. Scholl’s®  Custom Fit® Orthotics are comprised of 4 layers, each providing a different benefit. Together, these layers provide support and cushioning to immediately relieve foot and lower body pain and provide you with all-day comfort.

Interested? Try Custom Fit® Orthotics risk-free, with the Dr. Scholl’s® Money Back Guarantee. Plus, save $10 on your purchase! Find a Custom Fit® Kiosk near you and get the recommended insert for you in under 2 minutes.

4. Take sitting breaks throughout the day. I try to sit at least 10 minutes every hour I am at work. It doesn’t always happen,` but I honestly do try. When I sit, I make sure to sit with my back straight. Good posture makes all the difference. I feel refreshed when I get back on my feet.

5. Take care of your feet at home. I am not home much, since I am always somewhere with one or more of my kids so I take care of my feet on the go. While Adrian and Amberly are at swimming, I use this time to sit, read a book and put my feet up. While homework is being done, I take a few minutes and soak my feet in warm water with epsom salt. When I take off my shoes, I make sure to rub the soles of my feet with medium pressure. Sometimes I can even get someone to rub my feet. Quick little things like this will help with foot ache on a daily basis.

As a mom, I know I need to be healthy and pain-free as long as possible. This boy especially depends on me alone and I plan on being able to be his biggest cheerleader and biggest supporter forever. I can’t let a little foot and back pain get in the way of being his #1 fan!


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Meet Zaha

Hello blog friends! For the first time ever, we are cat owners! Everyone meet Zaha!!!

Zaha is about 5-6 weeks old. She has come to our family as a stray. I found her out back at work one morning. Her mother and siblings had been killed and she was the only one left. All I heard was a little noise behind the dumpster and as I got closer, there she was. I brought her into workI tried to find her a home but ended up taking her. JC named her Zaha after the late Zaha Hadid!

Raising a kitten for the past few weeks has definitely been way different than raising a puppy. She is very independent and plays very rough. Any advice on how to stop her biting habit would be greatly appreciated! We have fallen in love with Zaha and now cannot imagine our family without her!


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