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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Free Printable Lunchbox Jokes

Back to school is in full swing in our home. It has now been a few weeks and I realized I haven't shared back to school pictures with you yet (I know, bad blogger). It's getting increasingly difficult to get things done with a 5th, 6th and 7th grader in the house. They have tons of work and after-school activities to keep track of (thank goodness for planners!) and emotions to keep in check.  Add in packing lunches and our house is full of chaos.  

Adrian started first on August 16th:

with Amberly and Gian starting on August 20th:

Going back to school isn't easy on kids either. My youngest gets super nervous on the first day, especially this year when he realized he was by himself at school (Amberly and Adrian have moved onto other schools). I knew I had to make the second day better. I found a way for him to get the attention he craved. I sent a joke in his luchbox. When he pulled it out at lunch, everyone laughed at his joke and immediately he was in his zone.  I make sure to pack him a different joke everyday just so he has new material!!

I found these free lunchbox joke printables on Personal Creations. They have so many to choose from and they are FREE!!! Just download and print!

Make your kids day, pack them a lunchbox joke in their lunch and watch them come home and tell you all sort of stories about their day! No more "good" when you ask them how their day went, I promise you!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Celebrating Zaha and Helping Shelter Cats

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CelebratingMorris #CollectiveBias

We have a big milestone coming up soon, our Zaha will be celebrating her first birthday, her first year living with us and our first year as cat owners! 

Thinking about donating to your local shelter? They always need food and treats! Here is a basket of 9Lives® goodies that we donated to our local shelter! #CelebratingMorris #ad

Zaha was a stray, a street cat, well actually a street kitten! (read her story here!) She was the most adorable thing I had ever seen. I had never raised a cat before so I was nervous about taking her home. Would I know what to do? Would she like us? Would Amberly be able to breathe around her? There were so many ifs and buts but in the end, I brought her home. We instantly fell in love with her and she has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for our family!

It's almost been a year and I am still very happy with my decision. Zaha has grown to be a beautiful, elegant, caring, loyal cat and we love her to pieces.  She sleeps with JC and I every night and waits for us at the door when we get home. She loves to give "kisses" and is very vocal about how she feels. 

In celebration of our big milestone, we have decided to give back to shelter cats. Shelter cats need all the extra loving they can get! Our own Zaha could have ended up at a shelter had I not rescued her. Giving back is a great opportunity to help out the shelters and show our children the importance of helping animals in need. I called our nearest shelter and asked what we could donate and there biggest request was cat food!  With this in mind, I made sure to pick up some extra goodies while I was at Dollar General shopping for Zaha. 

Dollar General has become my go-to store for pet food. They have lower prices than most other pet stores and I can always use coupons! 

I picked up a couple of cans of Zaha's favorite cat food, 9Lives® , in the Heart Cuts with real chicken and beef in gravy and the super supper!! 9Lives® is dedicated to the health and happiness of cats everywhere. Why? Because 9Lives®believes your cat deserves to live well.

I also purchased the big 20lb bag of 9Lives Daily Essentials® dry food, some 9Lives®soft treats, a small throw, a food bowl, a litter box and a cat toy. I figured a little bit of everything helps! I used the litter box as a basket and just placed everything inside. I can't wait to deliver our package to the shelter!! 

Thinking about donating to your local shelter? They always need food and treats! Here is a basket of 9Lives® goodies that we donated to our local shelter! #CelebratingMorris #ad

Oh and let's not forget the coupons! I have here coupons for both the 9Lives®  wet cat food and the dry cat food

Can you imagine if everyone of us donated just one of these essentials basket to a shelter? It would be so amazing for all those cats to feel so loved. You know what would be even more amazing? Getting out to a shelter and adopting a cat! They need the love and so do you! I mean imagine hanging out on your couch binging on your favorite series and looking over and seeing this? Doesn't it just melt your heart?

9Lives® brand celebrates and champions all cats.

Morris the Cat: One of Advertising's Greatest Icon! The greatest Celebri-cat!
Despite his fame, Morris has always had a social conscience. He has visited countless schools to promote kindness to animals. In 2007, he launched Morris' Million Cat Rescue® to save those animals in need of a forever home. Morris has never forgotten his humble beginnings as a rescue cat. He and 9Lives® cat food continue to bring great taste and balanced nutrition to cats around the world. And Morris will not rest until every cat finds a home. 

Click to watch The Story of Morris the 9Lives® Cat Video. Learn more about Morris the 9Lives Cat and his 50th adopt-i-versary! Check out the 9Lives Facebook Page

Morris Introduces His Cat Pack article!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Last Day of Elementary School

June 7th was Adrian's last day of elementary school. I know every mom says it, you know "I can't believe my baby is moving onto middle school" but honestly, I can't believe Adrian is moving onto middle school come August. It's been a long six years though, full of many ups and downs, but I know he has enjoyed it all. Time for the obligatory last day of school pic:

I do need to be honest though, I really thought he wasn't going to make it. Fifth grade has been quite the learning process for us. You would think I would know all about my child's learning by now but I realized a lot this year, First of all, there is a reading comprehension issue that we are working on. Then, there is some laziness on his part along with misunderstandings on mine. We are learning together.  (1st day of fifth grade pic!)

We still don't have a middle school for Adrian but I know the right decision will come to me. I am trying to find a private school where there will be a little more discipline and no state testing. Adrian does not do well on state testing and He really doesn't need the stress year after year. Public school is not for him but getting him into a private school hasn't been easy at all.

I know he will miss all the friends he has made in the past six years but it's time for everyone to go their separate ways. They can still call each other and I know they squad up on Fortnite all the time! By the way, is Fortnite all the rage in your home as well? Anyway, time to relax and enjoy the summer!! oh and just to tug on some heartstrings, check out his first day of Kindergarten picture:

The grand 5th grade adventure has come to end! Bring it on 6th grade!


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