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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Easy Football Snack Station {Free Printable Banner}

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc., and its advertiser, MARS.  All opinions are mine alone. #ScoreatCVS #CollectiveBias

Football season is here and I am so excited. I love hosting watch parties in my house. It's so fun to hang out with friends and family and watch our favorite teams play. Hosting watch parties is fun but honestly, it needs to be easy. Easy food, easy setup, easy everything! I usually make food in the crockpot or oven and then setup a snack station.

Keeping all the snacks in one place is perfect. I mean, who doesn't snack during games? I know that I don't eat a full meal during a game, I snack the whole time. Yummy things like popcorn, chips and salsa, candy and desserts! Last week, I had a snack station with only SNICKERS®. SNICKERS® are a great snack and loved in our home!

Of course, I picked SNICKERS® bars with a football theme. Gotta stick to the theme!!! These SNICKERS® bars are available at CVS and here's a coupon to make it even sweeter!!! I like to have variety for my guests so I made sure to also pick up SNICKERS® Crisper bars for those that like a little more crunch!

Banners are key in decorating. I whipped up this simple banner in no time. First step is to right click the pictures below and print!

Then simply cut out the triangles and place them in order on a string or ribbon! Packing tape works wonders too. 

Then just hang it up, use a themed table cloth and set out your snacks!

I told you it was easy and it doesn't get any better than using a free printable snacks banner!! 

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

"You've Been BOO'd" Kit for Dogs

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc., and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BOOItForward #PawfectBOO #CollectiveBias

Dogs are amazing. A dog can bring comfort and love to an otherwise lonely home. I am witness to such a thing. My sister has lived alone for a long time and I had been telling her for years that she need a pup. Well, after some thought, she one day decided that she would adopt a puppy. After a couple of weeks and lots of approvals, she got her pup. Everyone meet Donatella!

Donatella is a fiery little thing. She is perfect for my sister. Definitely keeps her on her toes, especially since she is only about 1 1/2 old. She's like having a toddler! My sister babies her like crazy and I am so happy for the both of them to have found each other. I decided to do something fun for my sister and Donatella, especially since this will be their first Halloween together, so I decided to surprise her a few Halloween essentials! 

Have you seen all the "You've been BOO'd" ideas floating around on Pinterest? I have always loved the idea of BOO'ing someone and I thought how fun would it be to BOO Donatella? I just put a few things together in a cute Halloween bag and placed it in front of her door! The kit was super simple:

First up, doggie supplies! 

  • PEDIGREE® DENTASTIX™ Fresh Treats Small/ Medium
  • PEDIGREE® MARROBONE™ Real Beef Flavor Treats Mini

Yummy doggie treats! I mean what dog doesn't love treats? I made sure to pick up the ones I knew she already liked!

Then I went to the greeting card section and grabbed a themed Halloween gift bag and black tissue. I also went online and printed out my "You've Been BOO'd" card!

I was going to put it all in a plastic jack o'lantern but then changed my mind when I saw this cute, glittery bag!! I put in all in the bag and included one of Paris' old princess costumes and we were ready to deliver!

My sister was super surprised when she got home and saw Donatella's gift! She quickly called to say thank you and then went on to try on Donatella's costume. Well, that was pure craziness and let's just say Donatella was less than pleased! After a while, the costume kind of grew on her and my sister was able to take a picture!

Isn't she the cutest? My sister love'd this idea and will definitely be BOO'ing it forward to some of her friends!

I purchased all my fun BOO'ing supplies at Walmart! Be sure to stop by your local Walmart and grab some fun Halloween items for your BOO kits! Be sure to print out this BOO card so all your friends can be sure to BOO it forward!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Homemade Cuban Sandwich

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc., and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SandwichWithTheBest #CollectiveBias

I am a sandwich girl. I eat a sandwich almost every day. Growing up in a Cuban household, I wasn’t raised eating regular ham and cheese sandwiches. We grew up eating our own special blend of sandwiches with bread made by our grandmothers or purchased at a local bakery. At a young age, you  learn how to eat “un sandwich cubano” or “una medianoche” (literally translated into Cuban sandwich or Midnight sandwich, same sandwich, different breads!) I used to have one of these sandwiches at least once a week but lately they have become a nice lunch treat while working at home! It is easy to make a Cuban sandwich at home, with everyday ingredients I already have in my fridge!!


Any good sandwich has to have good ingredients so I start my Cuban sandwich with Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse® Hearty White sliced bread, Hillshire Farm® Thin Sliced Honey Ham and Hellman’s® Real Mayonnaise. The Farmhouse® Hearty White bread tastes so delicious and taste is what makes Pepperidge Farm® great!


A Cuban sandwich cannot be a Cuban sandwich without mustard, roasted pork and pickles. These are the staples of the sandwich, especially if you are not using Cuban bread.


Assembly is also super important. You put the ingredients together in the wrong order and your sandwich will not be the greatest. First up, grab two slices of bread.


Add about ½ tbsp of mayonnaise to one slice.


On the other slice, spread about 1 tsp of mustard and top with pickles.


Next, add 3 slices of Hillshire Farm® Thin Sliced Honey Ham to the slice with the mayo. Honey ham gives this sandwich a nice sweet touch!


Top the honey ham with roasted pork. I am using leftover boneless porkchops from the previous night’s dinner but you can also get sliced roasted pork at your grocer’s deli. If using sliced roasted pork, make sure to use 2-3 slices. I like it either way, just don’t forget the pork!!

Bring your sandwich together and spread butter on the top bread slice.


Now, in a small pan over medium heat or on a panini press, spread about 1 tsp of butter.


Place your sandwich in the pan and cook for about 2-3 minutes.


Carefully flip your sandwich and cook on the other side for another 2-3 minutes. You want a nice golden brown color on both sides and nice, melty cheese!


Once your cheese has melted, remove sandwich from pan. Slice in half and enjoy!

Honestly, you are not missing much by not using Cuban bread. It’s a nice American twist to the sandwich making it a Cuban-American like me!!


Everything needed to make this delicious sandwich is available at your local Walmart!


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