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I love watching movies! To me, a theater date is the perfect date. We also watch lots of movies together as a family! I love to keep up to date on movies coming out (so I can plan weekend outings with the kids) and review movies on the blog so you know if it's really family-friendly or not!

2016 Family-Friendly Movies

2015 Family-Friendly Movies

REVIEW: Mr. Peabody & Sherman:


  1. All around the world we watch many of the same films. Good movies are not held back by language barriers. We will gladly read sub-titles if we get to see a great movie.

  2. I love all the selections of movies you have here, pretty much have seen most of them, I also love movie night with my grandchildren :)

  3. I loved my peabody! It is such a great movie. I would recommend it.

  4. These are some great family movies. Thanks for sharing

  5. we enjoyed many of the films on this list. mr peabody and sherman was good, but the part where the girl was to be sacrificed in egypt freaked my 5 year old daughter out. everytime she sees something related to that movie, it's what she remembers and it makes her upset, still.



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