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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Breakfast time

Good morning! This morning I decided to forgo the scrambled eggs and cereal breakfast (I was running late!) and stop by my one of my favorite restaurants, Casa Larios. It's a Cuban restaurant a couple of blocks from the office. It's a gorgeous place and like typical Cuban restaurants,you walk up to the side window to order pastries such as pastelitos (fruit or meat filled pastries), croquetas and of course, cafe (cuban espresso).

See the window on the left, that's the walk-up and order window. The patio area is where most patrons drink their coffee and read the paper. I would usually sit out here, but once again, was running late so took my food to go.

This morning, I ordered 2 croquetas and an empanada. The croquetas are filled with ground ham in a bechamel sauce, breaded and then deep-fried, so delicious. I know that one day, I will develop a copycat recipe. In my opinion, these are the tastiest croquetas in the city. The empanada was chicken, I usually get meat-filled one but today I was in the mood for chicken.

Croquetas and Empanada                 Croquetas

If you are a cuban,, you were raised on this for breakfast. Heaven!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Once I create my copycat recipe, I will post. Croquetas aren't the easiest to make, but man are they worth it!!!!!!!!

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