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Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Recap 02/09-02/10

So Saturday was my birthday........Happy Birthday to me!!  The day began with three kids jumping into our bed and only one remembering it was my birthday, AAA mad at JC for some issue with the Nintendo DS (have no idea, I am NOT a video gamer) and the other child sick. Then off to soccer. The Heat tied 3-3 with the other team, not bad, then team meeting time:

See AAA is #10.........the other kids were bummed that it was a tied-game.

After soccer, we were going to go for pizza but JC's son started feeling worse, so home we went, we stayed in the rest of the day.

Around 7pm..........birthday dinner time. I wore my new birthday dress and my new Toms and looked fab! Here are some pics:

Me and my brother

me and my sister Elba

#lookoflove get to meet some family members in this post! So yes, nice birthday dinner with loved ones! Oh and the most amazing cake from the Sugar Shack....

My mom made her infamous red delish!! I will post recipe soon. We also had roast pork, white rice, plaintains. We mama went all out!!!

Sunday,I woke up with a terrible eye infection so in I stayed. No continuous birthday celebrations for me this year :(

Next year I am hoping for a vacation for my birthday!!!!

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