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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Avengers Assemble! Adrian's Avenger's Birthday Party!

My son is obsessed with superheroes, especially Captain America from the Avengers. Kind of a proud mom here since I happen to be into superheroes as well. Let's just say I do not miss a Marvel movie. Anyways, back on topic, so obsessing over the Avengers, we decided that would be the theme of his birthday party. I decided not to do it at home this year, but at a party place, Jumpin Jamboree. It's an indoor bounce house party place that provided entertainment and food at a reasonable price. Adrian invited all his friends from school, karate and soccer.

Since I am into anything party DIY, I designed the cupcake toppers, bag stickers and made the masks, piñata and cake (not the greatest but he loved it). Check out all the pics:

He was the only Captain America, I made Thor, Hulk and Iron-Man for the other Avengers attending the party. Amberly helped me design the masks for the girls (pink and purple)!

This piñata was HUGE! It took about 4 bags of candy to fill it. 

And here is Captain America:


And the Hulk and Supergirl:

 Adrian says this was his best and favorite party. He says the next one is going to be Ninjago-themed so let's see. I'm going to have to get my brain working around that one......

What themed parties do you have coming up?

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