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Monday, March 18, 2013

Homegoods Finds!

Yesterday, it was calm and quiet at home, being that only Adrian was there. You would think I would appreciate this time and just relax right? Nope! I made JC and Adrian stop playing video games and come with me to stroll around Homegoods. As soon as I walked through the doors, I felt relaxed. I also took lots and lots of pics for you. Check out what I found:


I want this as my beach bag!

My new fabulous sun hat!

These bowls reminded me of Katie from Bower Power Blog

You know I was immediately attracted to all this turquoise!

I saw these cushions and immediately thought of Sherry over at Young House Love!

INSPIRATION: I'm thinking this is my new color combo for my patio re-do!

I picked up a few goodies that got special treatment for my latest project: patio re-do. Will post on those later on in the week! Stay tuned!

Have you found any goodies at Homegoods lately? I love that place! I could stay there forever.....


  1. Oh man... why oh why can't we have that store here?!?!

    1. I saw a post at the store that many more locations coming soon so maybe you'll get lucky!!! One can dream...

  2. I absolutely love the Homegoods. All the items in my Giveaway with the exception of the Vera Bradley items are from Homegoods. I get a lot of inspiration when I go there. Except what the heck is that ball thing? lol

    1. I'm not sure about the ball thing, there were tons of those, all sizes. Homegoods is such an awesome store!

  3. They just opened a Home Goods by us but I've never gone, these pictures make me think I should go!

  4. I need a Home Goods store in my life. That second bag is pretty!

  5. Love Home Goods.You reminded me that I haven't been in awhile! Visiting from the hop today - love your blog!



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