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Monday, March 4, 2013

Our Bedtime Reads

With three kids in house, ages 5, 6 and 7, nothing is ever agreed upon. They want different toys, foods, snacks, clothes, games, etc. The one big thing they usually disagree on is books. We have lots and lots of books at home because of this. We have princess books, picture books, religious books, books about sharks and monkeys and dinosaurs. We have new books, classic children's books, books that have been colored and are missing stickers. We have it all.

 Lately, I've noticed that these are the top choices:

If You Give A Dog A Donut
No, David!
Skippyjon Jones
Fox in Socks
Junie B. Jones, First Grader
Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site

AAA's picks: No David and Skippyjon Jones (they read him these at school and he can't get enough. He reads No David! himself and I help out with the BIG words)

AC's picks: Emeralalicious and Junie B Jones (she reads these herself since she is an excellent reader)

GC's picks: Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site and Fox in Socks (JC reads these to him since he hasn't learned how to read yet)

I love to read. I have been reading since I was very young. I will read anything. I am trying to instill this love of reading to the kids but so far only AC seems to be an avid reader. I try and read to AAA every night before bed.

What are the favorite bedtime reads at your house? Any book recommendations?


  1. Thanks for stopping by! we've got a slew of bedtime books, but I'll have to be sure to get a couple of your top picks! Who doesn't love a little Dr. Suess before bedtime?!
    xo, d

    1. Thanks! I'll be sure to go over and check out your book picks!

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  3. Hi Ida! My daughter is 11 months old now, and here are some of our favorites:

    Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb
    Baby Einstein: What Floats?
    Moo, Baa, La La La

    1. Oh those sound cute. Now I wish there was a baby around! My son loved pop up books at that age.

  4. Since I'm a new mother and only have one 1 year old baby girl I can't really tell you about bedtime books but I do share with you the love of reading since I was a child and my advice for you is just keep your house full of good books and they will be curious to read, I mean don't push them to read or they would hate it!

    1. Thanks Julia. I do keep books all around the house and in the car. I have one curious one so far, working on the other two!



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