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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SCG Review: SNAPS!

I love spring and I love taking pictures of the kids in spring. So many colors and nice natural light that even my pictures look great. Sometimes though, I wish to edit the pictures and add cute stuff to them. Who doesn't? So in my constant search for photo editing apps I found SNAPS!

SNAPS! lets you add cute and fluffy virtual content to any of your photos for a quick and easy Easter greeting! Check out this pic of Amberly:

Cute right? She loves it and JC has it as his screensaver on his phone. 

They don't only have Easter content. SNAPS! is currently featuring: Epic, The Croods, Hello Mr. Moustache, Despicable Me 2, Dr. Seuss and many others. Imagine how excited your little ones will get when they see themselves in a picture with the Cat in the Hat or Curious George!

SNAPS! is easy to use and lots of fun. This app is now available at the App store and Google Play. More information is also available at:


Happy Snapping!

This was a paid post and the company provided the product discussed in this post. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. 


  1. cute app....will take a look. By the way, I posted the Liebster Award piece....take a look and Thank you.

  2. Love it and loved how AAA loved snapping himself as Mario!



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