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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Build 'Em Up Series: Remembering You!

November 10, 2006 was the day that forever changed my life. I gave birth to my son, Adrian. Since then, I have been Mama, Mommy or Mom. It has definitely been the most difficult and memorable journey of my life. I love my son but in the process of becoming a mom, the real me has disappeared. I used to be thinner, do my hair, wear make-up, dress-up and wear heels. Now, I throw on the first thing I find, haven't worn make-up in weeks and live in flats. I feel like I cannot find time for myself but somehow always have time to coordinate Adrian's outfits and make sure he gets out for play and exercise. I know most of it is laziness, I do not want to get up an extra hour early!

I was reading Kelly's blog today, Kelly's Korner, and she has a new series called "Build 'Em up," meant to empower women to better themselves. Today's topic is "Remembering you" and I have had a moment. That moment when you realize that you need to change something. I had that. So my fellow mom bloggers, I am taking this post as a challenge to Remember myself. Starting today, I will do the following:

1. Get up an hour earlier and dress up! Wear those heels that have been collecting dust in the closet!
2. Take an hour off of being a mom when we get home and do some form of exercise, whether its walking or yoga or swimming!
3. Watch what I eat, NO MORE JUNK!
4. I am going to go buy makeup. Yes, I am going to go out and only buy something for ME!

I am tired of what I see in the mirror everyday! I am going to better myself which I know will make me a better mom. New me, here I come.........


  1. Hi Lovely, I'm your newest follower from Blog Hop. Followed you via Bloglovin', FB & Twitter. Love your awesome blog!
    Feel free to visit, follow & leave me comments @

  2. Oh my. This makes the whole thing worth it. My prayer is that ONE person, always one person gets impacted by my blog (or our blog series - so maybe it was Kelly's)... but any way it happened. I am thrilled. You'll do great! It's so hard to make time but oh so worth it. You're a great mom.

    1. Thanks for the lovely words. It won't be easy but it will be worth it!

  3. You can do it! It really is important to take care of ourselves as moms and once you start t will get easier. Way to go for being brave enough to make a change.

  4. Love that you were inspired and let me just say that getting up and getting ready changes my whole day. It puts me in a different mood, completely. You deserve it! Thanks for sharing and for linking up!

  5. Ida-I know what you mean. When my kids were younger my hair was always in a ponytail....cotton t shirts mommy garb. My sis was like what's wrong with you? You used to look better.

    Well....I've learned it's a phase that we all go through. Now my sis is in that phase- she has 2 little ones lol. Good luck and happy makeup shopping - that's the funniest part!

  6. Hey Ida! Great post! As I sit here in my Mom Uniform of yoga pants and pony tail I applaud you from the bottom of my tennis shoes! Your resolution coupled with something I heard on the radio today has given me my next blog topic :o)

    Thanks for your stopping by my blog as well. We blended families provide fun blog material!

    Can't wait to read more! You are on my reader now! Take care!

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog!

    I totally feel this post right now. I haven't done anything in so long...before I had my son I had lost a lot of weight, I was dressing better (I've always had low self-confidence) and I was just feeling so good for the first time in a long time. Now I feel fat and I don't dress up and I just feel gross. I hope to do things differently too. :)



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