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Monday, April 15, 2013

Our Date Days!!

Sometimes when you are a single mom and then get into a relationship, your child becomes a little jealous. OK, very jealous in Adrian's case. There is misbehaving, bad attitudes and bad manners all over the place. I decided that maybe if I dedicated some mommy and me time to him the misbehaving would subside a little. So on Saturday and Sunday, Adrian and I went on dates. On Saturday, we went out for pizza and then the Children's museum. We had so much fun and he behaved so well all day! It was nice, just me and him.

On Sunday, I took him bowling for the first time. He loved every second of it, bumpers up and all. He made TWO, count it TWO strikes!!

His behavior has improved a bit but I think we have some major attachment now. I'm sure it will fade as the week goes by, but for now everything is "Just me and mommy!"  

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  1. This is so sweet! It must be really fun to go on a date with your kid. My son is 15 months, so taking him out is mostly just watching him marvel at the big crazy world around him.



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