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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Zoo Fun

On Sunday, Adrian asked to go to the zoo for Easter. His wish was my command that day. We woke up early and headed on out to the zoo. It was PACKED! Zoo Miami hosts an Egg Safari on Easter with egg hunts, bounce houses and treats for the animals. When we got there, we decided to forgo the egg hunt since there was a 4 hour wait in line to get in. Adrian wanted to see the animals. Besides, he was going to an Easter party with my sister after the zoo and would have an egg hunt there.

Back to the zoo..........Binoculars ready, basket ready..........

It was great sunny weather so we walked and walked and saw so many animals. Also, Adrian rode a camel and fed/petted a rhinoceros. I think that was his favorite part of the day! I mean seriously, who gets to pet a rhinoceros?

We also took these super cute pictures in a dinosaur bird's nest:

And a fun carousel ride:

After the zoo, my sister took him to an egg hunt and JC and I finally had a date night. We went to the movies, saw OZ (amazing movie) and then went to dinner. Since Lent was officially over, I got to have wine, YAY!

Pure joy on my face!!

We had a really great day. It was a little weird not hosting the annual egg hunt at my house but I think Adrian was ready for something different this year. 

If you are ever in Miami, Zoo Miami is definitely a great place to take the kids. Not only do they get to see and pet all sorts of cool animals, they have a couple playgrounds and splash parks. Be aware though, it is an ALL DAY adventure!


  1. Great pictures! Love the camel ride.

  2. That is such a nice way to spend family time on Easter! Love the smiles on your faces.

  3. That zoo is awesome! Sadly, I am all the way in New Jersey. But I'll have to add that zoo to my vacation wishlist - my kids would love it.

    1. It is great. Let me know if you when you do make it out to Miami. I have a whole list of fun stuff to do!



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