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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Confident In My Decisions

Before becoming a mother, being confident in my decisions was always difficult for me. There were so many "What Ifs?". That changed once I had Adrian. I had this sudden confidence in making decisions for him. From the moment you get pregnant, there are just so many decisions to make. After they are born, decision-making triples. Should I breastfeed or formula-feed? Store-bought diapers or cloth? Which bottles? Bedsheets? Laundry detergent? When should I start solids? As they get older, it's schooling and after-school activities and how much TV (if any) should they watch? You are totally responsible for this little person and you can only hope you are making the right decisions. 

I think what helped me become confident in my decisions was asking for advice, advice from my mom, sisters, friends, fellow moms, books, articles, etc... After listening to different pieces of information and experience, I am then able to choose what I believe is right for Adrian. Sometimes, the advice goes in one ear and out the other, sometimes I take it to heart. Sometimes it's just mother's intuition. It also has helped that so far Adrian is happy and healthy, I've obviously been doing something right! 

Confidence also comes from making a decision and sticking to it. When he was born, I didn't want to breastfeed him. I did months of research/asking around and eventually decided to formula-feed. Boy, was I given a hard time for this decision from fellow moms. I always replied the same way "It's a personal choice, I don't criticize your decision, please respect mine."  Another one was that I decided early on that Adrian will not eat candy/sweets. As a baby/toddler, never gave it to him. As a 6 year old, he doesn't even look at them and when asked if he wants, he politely answers "No thank you!" It's my personal choice, lots of parents give their kids candy or sweets, I don't. Stick to your decisions, you know what is best for your child and family!

I think we are raising kids in a "Super-parent" generation! It seems like parents are constantly trying to out do each other and just jump on the latest trend. Why? Why follow the crowds? I believe in doing what is best for my family. I want happy, healthy well-adjusted children. I will make my decisions to achieve this. 

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  1. As someone who ate way too many sweets as a child and is paying for it with crowns and root canals, I say, good for you! We try to limit sweets around here and I wish that my mom had-but not as much was known in the eighties. I will also admit to not being the best teeth brusher as a kid. ;)

    Thank you for your comment at Team Skelley and have a great weekend!



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