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Monday, June 24, 2013


Sunday was FUN-DAY at our house! The boys (Adrian, JC, my brother Hector and his friend Phillip) decided it was a boys water day. There was cannonballs in the pool and back flips into the lake. The most fun though came when we pulled out the Slip-N-Slide. A classic from childhood, they decided it was time for Adrian to learn how to slip and slide!

He loved every minute of it. The guys were like kids. Even one of our neighbors joined int he fun.

At first, Adrian was having trouble grasping the slip and slide concept, so he would half crawl/half slide.

Once he watched the guys launch themselves down the slide,

he totally got it.....

Then, of course, boys being boys, they pulled out the dish soap and started doing silly stunt slides:

I'm surprised they were able to get out of bed this morning! All in all it was a fantastic day! 


  1. Slip and slides are so much fun, I loved them growing up :) It looks like they had a blast!

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    Looking forward to keeping up and getting to know you.

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  3. omg that makes me so nostalgic. there was something magical about slip-n-slides as a kid.
    i'm a new follower from the bloglovin' hop! thanks for sponsoring!
    Blair @



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