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Friday, August 2, 2013

Movie Buffs

We love movies! We love new movies, old movies, going to the theater or watching at home. Of course, a family of five doesn't always like to watch the same movies, but we manage to see as many as we can together. We watch lots of movies at home but this year at the theater so far we have seen:

Kids Movies

Here are our thoughts:

Escape from Planet Earth:

This was one of the least-advertised movies of the year but our family loved it!!! Cute movie about family and accepting your family the way they are. It's out on DVD so if you haven't seen it, I suggest seeing it with your family. 

The Croods:

This movie was awesome. It was funny and endearing. It really made me think, did cavemen really like this way? This was one of the few movies that had the kids asking lots of questions when they came out of it also. Did people really eat breakfast like that? Had they never seen shoes? Why didn't they take baths? Lots and lots of questions. 


This was one of the most beautiful kids movies I have ever seen. The scenery is amazing. I'm not sure if the kids liked it as much as I did. This was definitely a great good vs. evil movie!!

Monsters University:

I loved Monsters, Inc. Adrian loves Monsters, Inc., so I wasn't really sure about a sequel, or prequel in this case, but this was a funny movie. I like that they showed kids that you never really know who will be your life-long friend. Don't judge a book by its cover!!

Despicable Me 2:

OK I will be extremely honest with you here. I did not like this movie.The kids will like this movie. I was not a fan of the first so I really wasn't looking forward to this one but not watching it was not an option in our household. It was all about crude humor. Kids, especially our boys, found this to be the funniest movie. I know it will make it in to our DVD collection, but I am content with just watching it once.


Now this is a kids movie all the way. It's all about not giving up and chasing after your dreams. I definitely recommend this movie for all family members. It was excellent!

This has been a BIG year for kids movies. I feel like everywhere I turn, there is a kids movie to watch. Smurfs 2 was released on Wednesday and the kids are already begging to watch it. This was another one of those movies that I loved the TV show as a child but was let down on the movie. Hopefully, the sequel is better than the first! 

There are many more kids movies coming out this year. I might be very broke soon!!!

Have you seen any or all of these movies/ Which one was your favorite? Which one was your kids favorite?


  1. I most want to see Monsters University but mostly for myself! We still haven't taken my daughter to the movies. I'm sure she will love it when we do.

    1. Oh take her! Kids actually behave better than you think. Our kids have been going as soon as they turned 3. I'm sure she will love it!

  2. I have been wanting to do movie reviews on my blog too. Our family of 5 are big movie buffs too, though it's expensive! Glad to meet you from the Mommy Blog hop! New follower!

    1. Oh yes, super expensive. I have joined the AMC Stubs and Regal Crown Card programs to get points and rewards. It helps! We also go during the day, it's a little cheaper!

  3. I've actually seen every movie you reviewed except Escape From Planet Earth but trust me it isn't for lack of my Kiddies begging to see it...when it release we just didn't get a chance to go. Usually if we don't go during the release period we catch them when they hit our local $2 theater which is months after it's left the normal cinema...but HELLO?!?! It's $2...LOL Cuts my cost way down especially with 4 Kiddies... :D

  4. My kids have seen most of these. They really liked Dispicable Me & Monster U. I don't like to watch animated movies so I send them with their dad. They can have some bonding time and I can save myself from having to sit through them. Though, I must say I like Scooby Doo (the cartoon).



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