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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: PowerMyLearning

Disclosure: I participated in this campaign for the Sverve Network. I received compensation for my review of this product  However, I only review products that are fitting for my family. All opinions stated are my own.

We're getting there, inching ever so slowly to Back to School. Here in South Florida, kids start school on August 19th. I am very excited to get the kids back on schedule and back to hanging out with their friends. The one thing I am not worrying about this year is wondering if they have forgotten everything they learned the previous school year. This summer, along with workbooks and flash cards, all three kids have been using an amazing learning website, is a free (Yes! You read that correctly FREE!) web-based platform designed for K-12 students, parents and educators. makes thousands of the most compelling publicly available digital learning activities from across the web easily accessible and usable, creating an unbiased, go-to destination.

It's easy and free to create an account. I created a parent account and then linked the three kids accounts to mine. Each child can go to their individual account, play their games, then I can go in and check their progress. Really easy. They have activities for K-12 students in the following subjects: Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Art & Music, Technology and World Languages. I like that the activities are aligned to Common Core Standards, which are being integrated into the Florida School System Curriculum. The kids tried out Math first. For Adrian, since he is starting first grade, I went to the Math, then first grade tab, then down to Measurement & Data. I checked the boxes where I wanted to improve skills and it matches to the appropriate activities:

It matches lots of activities and I had him try out all of them. He enjoyed Bugs in the System the best. 

Then, it was Amberly's turn. I went through the same process, but for second grade Math and her favorite was Math Magician. The game consists of solving as many equations as she could within 60 seconds.

She did pretty well on her first try:

Then it was Gian's turn. Same process, but for Kindergarten. He enjoyed Splat Square the most. Numbers are called out to him and he has to find the number on the board and splat it with paint. Super fun!

Educators can use the free activities and tools to create personalized learning experiences to help their students meet the Common Core Standards. 

This website has been an amazing tool for our family. The kids enjoy playing the games and I know that they are learning and getting ready for school. I will definitely be continuing to use this website to supplement what they learn at school.

Check out the website here: PowerMyLearning.Org and let me know what you think and what games your kids are playing.


  1. Perfect timing! We've been looking for something to supplement my daughter's education. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That sounds great!!! My son is autistic and he graduated from his special needs school (for early intervention) and we've been trying to prep him for mainstream, the school did lots with him to give him a head start and we've been working him daily, they sound like great exercises!!!

    Thanks!! Den infinitely sharing this!!



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