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Friday, October 11, 2013

Birthday Parties

I love birthday parties! I especially love children's birthday parties! I have had five birthday parties for Adrian so far (he is six) and each one has provided memorable moments for me. I went all-out for his first, ALL-OUT! It was too much. Same for the second. We started toning it down for the third and the fifth. Those were all house parties. Last year, I had it at a children's play place. He loved it. Every party consisted of his favorite toy at the time: year one-Baby Einstein, two-Winnie the Pooh, three-Mickey Mouse, four-no party/he went to Disney, five-Pirates, and year six-Avengers

This year, he has asked for a Lego-themed party. Specifically, a Lego Ninja Turtles. I'm pretending to have heard only Lego. There will be some Ninja Turtles elements, but mostly Lego-themed. I've spent countless hours on Pinterest pinning ideas. See my board here

Now my creative bloggy friends, I need a favor. Do any of you have any ideas or links to share for a Lego-themed or Ninja Turtles themed parties? Please please please share with me so I can see what else is out there! Ideas for cakes, cupcakes, decor, games, anything would be greatly appreciated!

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