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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween from the Arias-Calero clan!

I love dressing up on Halloween. I think there has only been two Halloweens (in my whole life) where I didn't dress up. It's super fun!

The kids dressed up for school and Yes, I was the only parent dressed up! People can be so boring but I guess I can get away with it since my boss let's us dress up for work!

Adrian's original costume is Patriot Iron Man but he wasn't allowed to wear a mask to school so he wore a ninja to school and will wear Iron Man at night for trick-or-treating!

Amberly said no to the princess costumes this year, she wanted to be a villain, so Harley Quinn it is!

Gian wanted to be a bloody ghost but I hate scary costumes and will try to keep the kids out of them as long as possible. We settled on a ninja. It looks great!

Check out these spooky eyeball costumes I made for a party we are going to tonight!

I wish everyone a very safe and Happy Halloween! 

Do you dress up for Halloween? What were your kids costume choices?

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  1. All of you look great in your costumes! And the cupcakes look awesome. Hope you guys had a great time. =0)



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