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Monday, October 28, 2013

It's Pumpkin Time!

We were on pumpkin overload this weekend. Seriously, we have WAY TOO MANY pumpkins in our house. I had to stop the carving after a while because I just couldn't do anymore pumpkin guts. We had a great time going to the pumpkin patch and then carving our pumpkins though!

They gave me a good group picture. I can't even find one thing to complain about....

 Adrian and his cousin Ivanna who joined us on our pumpkin adventure!

Since they gave me one good picture, I let them play around for the next one. I actually prefer this one!

Really? I don't believe it's that heavy.

This one I do believe. Rule was, you can have it if you can carry it! 

These gourds were beautiful!

 Once we got home, the girls decided that pumpkin guts weren't for them. They pulled out an art basket and started decorating pumpkins...

 while the boys dug right in!

Showing off their messy hands....

Then JC started carving, this was Ivanna's:

Amberly's "girly scary (see the bow?) and Gian's mummy!

Adrian, of course, went for a TMNT pumpkin so Leonardo all the way. I think I might paint the mask part blue or put in a blue glowstick.

Have you been to your local pumpkin patch or carved any pumpkins yet? If so, feel free to post your link in the comments so I can see!!


  1. Nice job on the carvings! Mine have always looked terrible, and they still do.
    We have been to our local pumpkin patch but no carving yet. We even grew four of our own pumpkins this year in the garden! One got huge!

    1. You grew your own? I want to see pics! That's awesome!

  2. Such lovely pics!! I've never visited a pumpkin patch! We don't even have Fall over here!!! LOL!

    1. Oh we don't have fall here in Miami, we pretend. Notice the kids in short sleeves and sandals.



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