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Monday, October 21, 2013

My Date Weekend

I usually get super excited for date nights with JC since they are a rare occasion. This weekend though I had a date weekend, with another. Yes another! Since JC has been working all weekend and I have barely seen him, Adrian and I spent the whole weekend together. He said we were on a date. Isn't that cute? 

We went shopping, watched cartoons and movies, played outside, party crafting. He and I had a wonderful weekend together. I know he misses spending time alone with me so I try my best to plan time with just him. Every relationship needs quality time, especially a mother with her son!


  1. That is so cute! I had a date with my son too, when my husband and daughter stayed overnight at my in-laws' house. It was so nice but he's only one so not a whole lot of conversation or movie watching or anything like that. We did play with books and puzzles, though!

  2. So cute :) My husband and youngest are at my inlaws for a couple of days so it's just me and my oldest. It's nice having one on one time without my 4 year old wanting constant attention. My oldest is enjoying his time with mommy :)



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