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Monday, January 6, 2014

Having Fun at Home Depot's Kids Workshops!

Home Depot gave me another reason to love them this weekend. Not only do they employ my brother, provide everything I need when it comes to home repair and DIY, they also have fun stuff for our kids. Before Saturday, anytime we said "Let's go to Home Depot!" the kids would roll their eyes and complain. Not anymore!

Saturday morning, Home Depot hosted their first Kids Workshop of 2014. I had heard of the kids workshops before, but never really showed up to one. Of course, we were late so we almost didn't make it, but the kind folks at Home Depot took pity on me and let the kids build. January 2014 project was a Desk Calendar.

As soon as you sign in, each child receives their own orange Home Depot apron, a pin for the particular month you participated in, a certificate and the materials for the project. Then, you pick a table and get to building. 

The kids were thrilled that they were using real hammers. No plastic baby stuff here. It took each one about 30 minutes to understand the instructions, build and complete their projects.  Gian and Adrian asked for help from one of the associates and the associates stayed with them from beginning to end.

They had such a wonderful time. I had a wonderful time. We will definitely be returning monthly. 

Home Depot Kids Workshop is held the first Saturday of every month and they are FREE! For more information, click here.

*This post was not sponsored by Home Depot. I just enjoyed the experience and wanted to share.*

Have you taken your kids to a workshop at Home Depot? Did they love it?

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  1. I have taken my boys a couple of times and they love it! They built a wood car at one and still have them on their mantel :) I think they are great!



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