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Monday, February 3, 2014

Building Race Cars at Home Depot Kids Workshop

YAY it's February! I love February! There's my birthday to celebrate, a whole year of blogging to celebrate and of course, Valentine's Day! Well, since this past Saturday was February 1st, it was time for another Home Depot Kids Workshop! The kids have been looking forward to another one (I posted about the January one here) since the last one ended. This month they got to build race cars!

The race cars were easy to build and of course, the staff was super helpful as always!

Gian showing off his creation!

The kids look forward to these workshops all month long. They can't wait until March to return to Home Depot and build! The best part about these workshops is that they are FREE fun for the kids (ages 5-12). Please arrive early because sometimes they do run out of supplies. The race car was so popular, they did run out at location we went to. For more information on the workshops check out Home Depot's website!

DISCLOSURE: This is not a sponsored post. We enjoy attending these workshops and I am happy to share our experience. 


  1. We had something like this locally because I just saw similar photos on a friend's FB page! It looks so awesome. Nice job, Gian!!
    Happy February!!

    1. It's lots of fun. It says for ages 5-12 but I see children much younger there assembling the cars. Maybe you can try it out with Scarlet or Des when they get a little older!



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