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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

REVIEW: Monster Jam Miami 2014

Disclosure: I was provided tickets by FELD Entertainment to assist in this review. I was not provided any further compensation. All opinions provided are my own. 

On Saturday night, Adrian and I (plus other family members) attended Monster Jam 2014 at Sunlife Stadium. Adrian and I had never attended a Monster Jam event and he was super excited about going. Being a boy mom, I knew this day would come. I am not into monster trucks or ATV's or loud revving engines. I didn't know that this was such a popular event. We arrived about an hour and a half before showtime and between parking and picking up our tickets, we ended up in our seats only 10 minutes before showtime. This show was packed. There was even tailgating in the parking lot. Everything about this was new to me!

The show begins with the singing of the National Anthem, fireworks and a caravan of all the trucks participating in the show. Adrian was most excited to see this one: Captain America!!! The driver even wears a Captain America race suit. This was our family favorite!

Ok, one thing I have to say about this show is that IT IS LOUD! I didn't bring earplugs so this was how I was every time one of the trucks revved their engine, which was all the time!

Once the show started and all of the trucks came out, and it was time to race. The race consisted of rounds where two trucks raced each other around the track at a time and whoever finished in the shortest amount of time would race the next truck. Then those trucks raced each other in the semi-finals and then the championship round where a winner was chosen. The winner of the races was Grave Digger The Legend.

Since we are superhero-obsessed, we freaked out when the Wolverine truck came out. He had claws on his hood, I mean it doesn't get any better than that.

Between the truck races, the ATV riders came out and raced. They raced as TEAM USA (in blue) vs TEAM CUBA (in red). They raced three rounds during the show with Team USA winning!

After the racing was a Freestyle session where the trucks just went at the course. They rode over ramps, jumped cars and school buses and popped wheelies. It is amazing to see what these trucks can do. Most of them ended up like this though. This was what really got the crowd screaming, every time a truck flipped!

I love experiencing new things with Adrian and seeing the world through his eyes. He was amazed at what these trucks could do. I was amazed at what they could do. This is great family entertainment!

Have you ever been to Monster Jam? Please share your thoughts!


  1. I haven't been to one, I think my kids would like it but yes we would definitely need ear plugs

  2. We took the boys when they were younger and they LOVED it. But earplugs make all the difference in the world....


  3. I'd love to go to something like this. We have a karting track near us which holds races for those upcoming which can lead on to normal racing/F1, but have never been. We'd definitely have to take ear defenders for N for events like that.




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