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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hispanicize 2014 Recap Day 1 #Hispz14

Last week I attended the Hispanicize conference here in Miami. Hispanicize is the largest Hispanic media conference in the country and of course, I picked this as my first conference! I was a nervous wreck in the days leading up to the conference but now that I sit and think about it, there was nothing to be nervous about. I had an AMAZING time!!!

First event: March 31st: Blogger Pre-Treat with Sherwin Williams & Coffeemate at the Deauville Hotel

Awesome "break the ice" event where I met so many other bloggers, lots of first-timers like me, had a glass of wine (to calm the nerves) and salsa-danced with the dancers from Salsa Kings!!! We also tried the new Dulce de Leche Coffeemate flavor (YUM!).

After this event, we went back to the Intercontinental (hotel where the conference was taking place) and moved on to the HPRA happy hour! Here I had my big "OMG, that's so-and-so moment!! I got to meet Silvia from I have followed her blog for years now and was so excited to meet her. Also, I got to meet Angela and Christy from Latina Mom Bloggers! I was starstruck!!!

Nicest women ever! I kept running into them during the conference and they would stop and ask how I was doing. They were great!!

After this happy hour, I went to the Colectiva Latina (Social Fabric) event. It was a fabulous event where we sat around, chit-chatted and had drinks! I was so lucky to be able to meet Paula, Erin and Courtney from Social Fabric. Sorry, no pics of meeting them since my phone ran out of battery! #bloggerfail

The group I was sitting with did attempt a big group selfie. It took like 10 takes before we got it right. I'm not sure who posted the actual selfie but I was able to find an attempt! More big-time bloggers in this pic also. 

All this and it was just Day 1. I was so overwhelmed. I had no idea how I was going to be able to do everything else the conference had to offer!

Stay tuned for Recaps of days 2 and 3!

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  1. We really had a good time @Hispanicize 2014! I was nice to meet you. Good luck!



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