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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hispanicize Recap Day 3 #Hispz14

Back with my last recap of Hispancize. Today is all about my Day 3!

First stop: Latina Mom Bloggers Hospitality Suite. The amazing ladies from Latina Mom Bloggers had this incredible suite on the 34th floor just for us. There was coffee, macaroons, chocolate covered strawberries, drinks, gift bags and great company. They also had a photographer taking our head shots, as a gift to us.

After the Hospitality Suite, we attended a couple of panels, started our walk through the exhibitor booths but then lunch was called. This day's lunch was to honor Maria Hinojosa, an award winning journalist, anchor and executive producer of Latino TV. She is an inspiration. She was being interviewed by Maria Elena Salinas, another amazing journalist. I believe my mom is her biggest fan, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a picture, you know, for my mom!!

Wednesday was my longest day at the conference. I arrived a little before 9am and there was just so much to do. Felicita and I attended more panels, then went booth by booth of the exhibitor section and met so many people. By the time happy hour started, I was exhausted. It didn't help that I was carrying 4 bags (I looked like a crazy bag lady, I'm sorry if you got whacked with one!). 

Around 6pm, it was time for the Target Summer Nights/City Lights Party where we were going to see all the new summer styles coming to Target in the next couple of weeks. I wanted everything I saw coming down that runway!!

Now it is super exciting to meet new people and connect, but there is always a warm feeling when you run into an old friend. That's exactly what happened at the Target party. The runway show was being hosted by Miami's own "Mr. Fashionista" Rodner Figueroa. I have known Rodner since I was in my twenties but haven't seen him in about ten years. I ran up to him and hugged him tight. He was happy to see me and I him! It had been too long!!!!

After, Target came the highlight of the conference, the McDonald's Yacht party! This party is by invitation-only and everyone wants to go! On the way to the buses taking us to the yacht, I ran into Staci from 7 on a Shoestring! She is one of my favorites and we have tweeted back and foth about meeting one day and BAM!!

Onto the yacht!! There was a red carpet and everything!!! If you know me well, you know that I get extremely sea-sick. Nothing helps so I was a nervous-wreck getting on this yacht, but I couldn't miss this party! My solution: dance the night away and don't look out at the water. It worked!

I had a wonderful time with my friends! After, we were bused to a local McDonalds (at around 1 am) and had all the chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers we could ever want!!! 

Last, but not least, a BIG HUGE thank-you to this man: Manny Ruiz! Manny is the founder and coordinator of Hispanicize. He is all over the conference, talking to everyone and making sure everything runs smoothly! I was constantly listening to everyone mention how he does not sleep, but man he does an amazing job with Hispanicize. It definitely would not be the success it is without him!

I only attended three days of the five day conference. I had to work and take care of my responsibilities with Adrian. I am already planning for next year though and have decided to stay at the hotel so I can have ten
times more fun!!! If you haven't attended a blog conference, I highly recommend you do. It is such an amazing experience!


  1. Aww... we had so much fun! Even if I got home super, super, super late! Can't wait until next year!!

  2. What fun! It's sounds like you had a great time :)



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