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Thursday, May 1, 2014

7 Going On 17!

As most of you already know Adrian is 7. I used to think 7 was a cute age, not any more, or maybe it's just my son. He is 7 going on 17. I thought this was just a thing with girls. You know, thinking they are teenagers at 5 but NOPE! It happens to boys too!

Here are some of the things I hear on a daily basis:

  • Why is Disney Jr on? I only watch Disney XD!  Yet he will watch Peppa Pig and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I don't understand!
  • I can go see adult movies like Captain America and Spiderman because I'm 7. I'm not a little kid!
  • Today, I am wearing ________ shoes and with high socks because that's the right way to wear it. It could be high-top Jordans with knee-high socks one day and Crocs the next. Who knows?
  • I am only wearing shorts and a T-shirt. I don't need to look handsome. (Handsome=a button down and jeans)
  • For dinner I want __________. i am going to be a basketball player and I know how to get big and strong.
  • What are we doing this weekend? Are we busy? 
  • There are only (so many) days of school and then we can go to the beach!
  • I need a phone!
Seriously, I hear all of this on a daily basis. I know nothing. I really don't know how I lived in the world without his guidance. He styles his hair, picks his outfits (other than school, he wears a uniform) and wears cologne. Oh and let's not forget, being very vocal about what I wear. 

I am the "give your kids options" kind of parent. You can do this or this. Just two choices. He must pick. One usually involves some sort of punishment. This has worked for me so far, but I have created a very spirited, independent child. I fear for the actual teenage years!


  1. wow! You have your hands full! No phones at 7! lol!

  2. He's funny!
    No phones at 7, though! Scary!
    My daughter is still so obsessed with Disney Jr. What on earth is Disney XD??

    1. He's a handful. Disney Jr is for the preschoolers and Disney XD is for the older kids. You'll be there soon! LOL



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