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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Found On My Phone #Selfie time!

I was going through my phone's gallery this morning and saw these pics. I love each and every one. All of these were taken by Adrian the other day while we were shopping. He is obsessed with taking #selfies.


He loves for me to join in the fun and gives instructions as to how I must pose. Then he checks it and I will hear either "Post this one on Facebook!"

or "post this one on Instagram!" (obviously a blogger's kid)

I really sometimes wonder how old he thinks he is. He's begging me for a phone for his birthday (YUP! At 7!), not gonna happen. I'm not that crazy!

Do your kids like taking selfies? 


  1. ha! They're great. Scarlet is just learning to take photos of me. She's quite good at it. And she likes to talk about the people in my computer.

  2. So cute! I love his pics too....very talented. But no phone...yet. Right?!



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