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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to School 2014-2015

Yesterday was the big day here in South Florida, first day back to school! Adrian had been dreading this day for weeks. He did not want summer break to end. Amberly and Gian were looking forward to school starting, they enjoy every minute of school. This year the kids went back as third (Amberly), second (Adrian) and first (Gian) graders. All big kids around here!

Adrian's first day pic:

JC and I both walked him to his class on the first day. He needed the help to carry all the supplies in that were requested by the teacher. It is the only day the school allows the parents to walk their children past the entrance gates. After that, they have to walk to the cafeteria themselves where their teachers pick them up around 8:20 am. 

We didn't make Amberly and Gian's first day this year so their mom sent us this pic. They go to a private school in another part of the city since they live most of the time with their mom.

Last Friday, was teacher meet-n-greet day at Adrian's school. Check out his excitement!

That is one super cute front door! I was super comfortable and not even a bit nervous about meeting his teacher once I saw it. I knew she would be great!

Now, I really could not have a sad, over it face in all my pictures so I told Adrian "We are not leaving until I get a happy picture of you!" and I got this:

Adrian's teacher is great and highly recommended by all the fellow teachers and past parents whose children have been in her class. I'm super excited for this school year!!

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