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Monday, August 11, 2014

Showing My Step-Kids Love In A BIG Way!

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Do you give your children cards all the time or only on special occasions, like birthdays? I usually do holidays and birthdays. Usually, there are kids cards available for various holidays and some cool ones for birthdays. As my kids get older and learn to read better, I make the extra effort to pick out cards that I know they will like and understand.

Sometimes I like to buy them cards "just because". I keep them handy and if they get a good grade or need some encouragement, I am ready with a card and a smile! Lately, I have felt that my stepkids, Amberly and Gian, haven't gotten much affection from me. Adrian gets all my attention so I decided that I needed to do something special for them, something to show them that I do love them, just as much as I do Adrian.

Showing my step-kids love in a BIG way! #kidscards #shop

Recently, I had heard about new cards from Hallmark called Kids Poster Cards. These are regular sized cards that pop out into posters of their favorite movie characters or TV stars. I knew my step-kids would love these. 

Showing my step-kids love in a BIG way! #kidscards #shop

I read that these cards were only available at Walmart, so off I went. I found them in the greeting card aisle. I grabbed one for each child. I decided to give Amberly and Gian theirs this weekend and I would save Adrian's for his birthday! Did you know that Hallmark has a Hallmark Cards Rewards Program? This programs rewards shoppers for purchasing Hallmark cards and can be collected anywhere (but especially at Walmart)

Showing my step-kids love in a BIG way! #kidscards #shop

They only had Happy Birthday themed cards but I knew they would love the surprise inside more than what the card said, they are kids after all! I love the positive messages written in the cards. All I added was a quick "You're special to me" and an "I love you". These simple words mean so much to children and I believe you really can't say them enough!

A peek inside Gian's card:

I made sure to get a couple minutes alone with each of them this weekend to give them their cards. Amberly got hers first and was very curious as to why the card was so thick.

Showing my step-kids love in a BIG way! #kidscards #shop

She quickly figured out how to pop it open and was thrilled that it was a poster of Austin from Austin and Ally! I love the "Dream Big" message because this girl is definitely a dreamer!

Showing my step-kids love in a BIG way! #kidscards #shop

Then came Gian. It took him a little longer to figure out what I had given him and how to pop it open but once he did, he was super excited!

Showing my step-kids love in a BIG way! #kidscards #shop

Check out this video of his reaction (turn up your volume, he speaks in a very low voice). It's priceless. I got such joy out of giving them these cards. I want both of them to know that I love them very much. I'm not an evil stepmother and I will definitely make it my goal in life to prove it to them!

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  1. I kinda want to cry! You're so amazing to ALL of your kids. This is so inspiring.



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