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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I Am Protective of My Second Chances!

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Have you ever been given a second chance? I have. At the end of July 2011, I was given many. I am extremely grateful for a second chance at motherhood, family, love and life and I am extremely protective of it. 

You see this boy? He is very special to me. Yes I understand your children are supposed to be special to you, but when you are given a second chance at motherhood, every moment becomes extra special!

2009 was a horrible year. My life fell apart. I had my own business, I had a relationship, I was a mother, sister, aunt, daughter. I had friendships.I went out and had fun.  In the blink of an eye, it was gone. It wasn't taken, I lost it all. I accept full blame for everything that happened and I left. I left everyone and everything behind. I watched my son grow from a toddler to a child through pictures. I came back though. I came back a different person. My family accepted me back with open arms. I got a new job,  nothing to do with my real estate background. I came back to my son. Was he confused? Yes! Was it difficult? Yes! Did I want to run away? Yes! I decided that I was given a second chance at raising him right. I decided I was not going to miss a thing. I was going to be a mother, his mother, the best mother I could be. I was there for his Pre-K graduation.

I am at every soccer, karate and basketball practice and game. I play with him. I listen to everything he has to tell me. I am there, I am present in his life. I am protective of my second chance at motherhood. I am now more responsible. 

I ended all the poisonous relationships. I got a second chance at love! I found an amazing man who accepted me and Adrian and loves us no matter what. He knows everything that happened in my past and has helped me through all the hard days. He is patient, gentle, loving and kind. He is exactly the type of man I always hoped to one day find. 

He has stepped up to help me with Adrian. They have a very special bond. JC treats him just like he does his own biological son. When asked how many kids he has  he says "three" so I know he really loves him and thinks of him as his own.  

My second chances at love and motherhood have led me to become a stepmother! I take my role as a stepmom to Amberly and Gian very seriously. I am not mean and cruel like they thought I would be. I am loving and supportive. I understand that it takes time and patience for children to accept step-parents and I try my best. It's not always an easy relationship to take on. I am loving it. I love these children like they were my own. 

I am protective of their relationships with each other. I provide as many opportunities as possible for sibling bonding. We spend lazy days together, busy days together, holidays, birthdays and every other weekend! I know that they are forming super important relationships with each other that will (hopefully!) last a lifetime!

 I make sure to take lots of pictures so I don't miss a thing. I never want to miss anything again!

I am super protective of my new life. I don't let any negativity in. I try to raise children who are kind and loving. We are a family, one unit, together. I think about my past often but I don't let it scare me.

I also think about the future. I want these kids to have more than I ever did. I want them to make good choices. I try to lead my example. The other day I was browsing online and saw an article for life insurance. I thought "How much life insurance do I need?" I had never thought of this before. I thought I was invincible but I realized that I will be gone one day. I want to leave some protection for my family when this happens. I need to start saving for Adrian's college. He might not be that star running back that I am hoping he is. I might actually have to pay for his college education, he's going, no ifs ands or buts about it! What about when I'm old? I need some sort of security. I am an adult. I have this new life and I am going to protect it as best I can!  I have taken that first step to protect what I have worked so hard for! 

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  1. Aw, I loved reading this about you. It really explains the title of your blog. You are so amazing to have come back from whatever it was that happened and to have worked so hard at not missing another chance with your son or your new family. This was super inspiring, thank you for being so honest and open!

  2. This is a wonderful story, and brave to tell. I'm so glad you got your second chance at motherhood. You're a wonderful mom and stepmom and every happy photo of your family shows that!

  3. You are to be congratulated for your trip all the way spend the rest of your life enjoying what you have attained and continue to be a role model.

  4. Such a wonderful story. You are so brave for sharing it.

  5. Stopping by from the bloglovin blog hop. What an inspirational story. Thank you for being brave enough to share it :)

  6. Thanks for sharing this inspiring little piece of your life, girl... You were courageous for returning home.



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