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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Style Saturday: Target

If you've been a reader of this blog for a while, you know all about my Target obsession. It's just so perfect, they have everything I need/want in one store! Doesn't get any better than that. While, I was on my weekly stroll, I noticed a bunch of cute new items that I need to share and you know its affordable. I really want to go back and buy everything shown here.

Starting with work. Not only does this scream fall, it's also perfect for work! I'm really into monogram necklaces and need to add this one to my collection! A shirt dress is dressy enough for work but also super comfortable. This one is under $20, can't beat that!

Work Look all from Target

Another work look. As you can tell, I have a bootie obsession (hee! hee!) for fall!! I love chambray shirts and wear them all the time. As most of you know, I work at an engineering firm so this is really fancy office attire!

Fabulous Work Look-All Target

I love this next outfit so much. I think pairing a super feminie lacy blouse with deconstructed jeans is such a perfect casual outfit. Add in a man's watch and super girly earrings and it's a great mix.

Casual Saturday

Now I couldn't leave the kids out of the fun. This outfit is so Amberly. Lots of pink, a glittery headband, denim vest, leggings and boots. There's even some Hello Kitty.

Super Cute Girl's Outfit-All Target


  1. I also work at an engineering firm! Anyway, I love these colors for fall. Olive green and rust orange are perfect.

  2. I looove Target! Maybe to an inappropriate level BUT I also love the Red Card savings! LOL

    Uhhh hello outfit #3- I need it!

  3. Those outfits are great! I really like the third one.

    1. Outfit 3 seems to be the most popular! I love it too!

  4. I LOVE your style posts! You have the greatest taste! I always feel like I can walk around a store and just find random things that don't go together. You'd be like the perfect girlfriend to go shopping with!

  5. I'm totally wishing outfit #3 would magically appear in my right now! Thanks for sharing this awesome style post with us at the Merry Monday Link Party:)

  6. Love these posts! I'm loving #1 and #3 gorgeous combinations! I've gotten so lazy since living in Florida - always yoga pants or shorts! ugh... need to pick up my style - start 30 off stylish!!! I have until feb to get my act together!



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