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Monday, October 27, 2014

A Visit To The Pumpkin Patch

A couple weeks ago we headed out to the Coconut Grove Pumpkin Patch. We have some small local patches but this is the big one that only comes once a year. It sets up for a weekend in October at Peacock Park. We try to go every year and always have a good time. Our pumpkin patches are not like the ones you might be used to. Like I mentioned, they are at a park, not a farm or field. There is only a portion that not under tents (because it's scorching hot) and it's really a marketing free for all.

We did one nice family picture, thanks to Jet Blue, and yes our next big family vacation is to the Bahamas next year!!

Taking a picture of these two is like trying to take a picture of toddlers. They complain, they squirm, they barely smile. This is the best of about 25 that I took of them.

These two sit, pose and smile. One or two pictures and I get what I want. 

We tend to do much better when all four are int he picture together. 

Picking pumpkins....

There's a big pumpkin decorating tent where you pay $5 per child and they get a mini pumpkin and can decorate it.  It's totally worth it to get out of the sun and the kids enjoy the craft time.

 Meanwhile, I went on the hunt for an alcoholic beverage, pumpkin beer! Let's face it, I'm not as crafty as JC!

Of course there was an Elsa, because why wouldn't Elsa hang out at the pumpkin patch?

It made her day!

These two are always camera ready! 

After pumpkin crafting came the rides. There was a giant slide, swings, a rocking boat and some bouncehouses. The lines were about 45 minutes per ride so the kids chose the slide and the boat.

This might be my favorite picture of the day. The boys were all gung-ho about riding the boat but when it swung high, the brave ones ended up being the girls! Look at Adrian and Gian's faces!

We did have a wonderful time together. One day we will get to go to a proper pumpkin patch with lots of pumpkins and hayrides and apple cider. Maybe next fall!


  1. I'm totally jealous of your Bahamas vacation that you have coming up. There's nothing better than some sun and gorgeous water! Here in Charleston, we've still got temperatures in the 80s, so it definitely doesn't feel like fall here either!

  2. Ah, pumpkin patches today! I love them. I love fall.
    Although it's chilly here now! I'm shivering in my desk chair.



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