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Friday, October 3, 2014

Yay It's Friday!

Happy Friday!! I have been on my game this week. I'm getting stuff done. I'm making a big deal because I'm usually the one behind every one else! I have a super busy weekend planned but first, my Friday randoms!!

1. There has been Halloween decor going up at home. Little by little, it will all be up this weekend! The banner is from Michael's, the spider from Wal-Mart, the mantle cloth from JoAnn and the rest from Dollar Tree, just in case you were wondering!

2. We went to IKEA over the weekend. The IKEA we went to just opened and it's only about 30 minute away so you know we had to go check it out! I was walking around trying to find the perfect couch and when I look back, this is what I saw:

Really? They were supposed to be helping with the couch search! Ugh!

3. I love football season but we are a sports family and JC is a BIG basketball fan so we need to make sure we spread over time evenly among sports. The NBA season starts Oct 29 for the Miami Heat and we already bought our Opening Day tickets! Oh and even more exciting, Adrian is going to be one of the kids that gets to high-five the players as they come onto the court. It's part of his birthday surprise!! I didn't forget about football though, my brother and I will be at the Dolphins vs/ Vikings game in December!!

4. Have you guys seen all the amazing boots currently on Zulily? I bought these, only $29.99, and can't wait to wear them!!

5. Just curious: How many pumpkin spice lattes have you actually had? I've had ONE! Just one! I work by a bunch of coffee shops yet have been too lazy to go get more! I will definitely have some this weekend and some pumpkin ale at the Pumpkin Patch!!

What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. I just love your Halloween Decorations! So fun and festive@

  2. Visiting from the link up. Love your Halloween decorations!! I love Ikea too! Unfortunately the closest one is like 2 hours away but every time we are near one we go!

  3. I think I only had one pumpkin spice latte.. but two salted caramel mochas!
    The IKEA photo is hilarious!
    And the Halloween decor is amazing!!

  4. You've got some enthusiastic helpers !;)
    Unfortunately, I've had ZERO pumpkin lattes :( Wanted to buy one at the coffee shop the other day and they didn't have it on the menu :-O How is that even possible...
    Love your spooky kitchen! Especially the giant spider and cobweb curtain



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