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Friday, October 10, 2014

YAY! It's Friday!

Hello everyone and let's all yell "YAY! It's Friday!" from the top of our lungs (unless you are at work or near a sleeping baby, then maybe you can whisper!) Of course, this will a post of completely random things that I have not had a chance to write about yet, but that's OK, it's part of the Friday fun!

1. Last weekend we went to the Coconut Grove Pumpkin Patch. As hard as we Floridians try, we can never get that authentic pumpkin patch feel but we do try. Anyway, JetBlue had the cutest setup and we just HAD to take a family picture.

2. The pumpkin patch was the end to one of the most insanely frustrating weekends ever. On Friday night, there was a random lightning storm and lightning struck super close to our house. Do you know what happens when lightning strikes super close? Well, if you don't know, the electricity travels through cable wiring, fries cable boxes and HDMI inputs on your TV's. True story. Can you imagine getting home on Friday night to no TV or cable with 3 kids? Pure insanity! Well since I obviolsy have no idea how to entertain children, we ended up at Brandsmart at 9pm buying a new TV:

Oh and the cable installer didn't come until Sunday afternoon, while we were at the pumpkin patch. Thankfully, my mother stayed home, if not, we would probably still be cable-less! #firstworldproblems

3. After you spend the afternoon forcing your children to pose for pictures using the nice camera, this is what they do when you pull out the cell phone:

I don't blame them! This is one of the best pictures ever!

4. I'm still on the pumpkin-everything kick. Check out my cart at the grocery store:

5.  I'm hoping for a much  more relaxing weekend. All I have planned is a movie date with Adrian and maybe some costume shopping. We are going to go see the Boxtrolls. Have you seen it yet?

Once again, Happy Friday and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

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