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Monday, November 10, 2014

Easy At-Home Pedicure

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc., and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #RespectUrFeet #CollectiveBias

Oh, pedicures, how I love thee!!! I really do, except as a mom of three, I do not have the time to go to a salon and get a spa pedicure every two weeks like I used to. So now I do an at-home pedicure, at least once a month! I like my feet to look nice and feel smooth. Living in Florida, I wear open-toe shoes almost all year long and I am not going to be walking around with nasty feet, No sir! After years of practice, I have become pretty good at giving myself a pedicure and it's really quite easy!

Easy At-Home Pedicure #RespectUrFeet #shop

For my at-home pedicure, I use the following:

  • toe nail clipper
  • nail file
  • toe separators
  • buffer
  • nail polish
  • top coat
  • nail polish remover pen
  • Small towel
  • Amopé electronic foot file
  • Amopé Daily moisturizer for feet
Now I'm sure you are reading this list and asking yourself, What is Amopé? Amopé is a new line of foot care products available at Target. Amopé, Portugese for "love your feet" is a new brand enabling women to respect their feet and enjoy every step! 

Take special care of your feet with Amopé products available at Target! #RespectUrFeet #shop

Onto the pedicure:

1. Soak feet in warm water for at least 5 minutes! Super important, take these 5 minutes as a stress-reliever. I put on headphones and listen to my favorite song(s) during this time. It helps me relax! When you are ready, pull your feet out and dry them with the towel.

2. Clip toe nails straight across. There is no need for fancy cutting here, just straight across. If you cut the sides, you can get hang nails, so please clip straight across.

Easy At-Home Pedicure #RespectUrFeet #shop

3. File toe nails. I file mine straight across, but some people like to round the edges a little. It's up to you. My big toe nail on my left foot is always breaking so that's the only one I round off a little. 

4. Buff toe nails. I use a regular buffer and just swipe it over the toe nail to even them out. Just a quick swipe. Toe nails have lots of ridges and your polish will look more even if you buff the top of your toe nails.

5. File your whole foot. This is my favorite part. I use my foot file and slowly go over the bottom and side of my feet. You see all that white in the picture below? That's all the dead skin my foot file removed. Result? Super soft feet.

Easy At-Home Pedicure #RespectUrFeet #shop

6. Apply lotion and massage into the skin. After I file my feet, I rinse them off, dry them and then apply my moisturizer. This part is heaven. I really massage the lotion in. I take my time and work the heels since that's the part that really suffers from wearing flip-flops constantly. I keep this moisturizer by my bed and apply to my feet every night! 

Easy At-Home Pedicure #RespectUrFeet #shop

7. Nail polish time! I love red nail polish for my toes. I love how the red stands out on my tan feet. I feel sexy and put together with red toe nails so red is always my go-to pedicure color! Now, applying nail polish is scary for some but all it take is practice. Put on your toe separators, dip the brush into the polish, brush off the excess on the side of the bottle and apply in three strokes. One down the middle and one on each side. Then you move onto the next nail. Once you have applied one coat on each nail, start over with the second coat. Make sure you use two coats, you don't want your nail polish to be chipping off right away! If you get polish on the front or sides of your toe nails, it's OK. Keep going!

Easy At-Home Pedicure #RespectUrFeet #shop

8. Remove excess polish. This is where my handy-dandy nail polish remover pen comes in. I don't have to worry about a bottle of polish or cotton balls. I hold the stick just like a pen, swipe it over the excess polish and VOILA! Clean toes!

Easy At-Home Pedicure #RespectUrFeet #shop

9. Apply top coat. After you clean up and your nail polish has dried a bit, it's time for top coat. Please take the extra 2 minutes and apply top coat. It really finishes the look and helps your polish stay on longer. All you need is one coat, applied in three strokes just like the nail polish and you're done!

Easy At-Home Pedicure #RespectUrFeet #shop

It really is easy to do an at-home pedicure. It just takes a little bit of practice but I promise you, once you get the hang of it, you will never have yucky feet again!!

Take special care of your feet with Amopé products available at Target! #RespectUrFeet #shop

Amopé products are available at Target in the foot care aisle and right now Target has some special promotions going on through 11/22!

Do you do at-home pedicures? Any tips to share?


  1. How special!! I would love to file my whole feet. It's easy to forget and neglect our feet up here in New England because they're covered for the next several months.
    I don't want to neglect!

  2. I give myself my own pedicures 9.9 times out of 10 ;) Unfortunately I have no tips, just a lot of years of practice. However, I'd love to get my hands on one of those polish remover pens! #lifesaver

  3. I so need to get one of these. I always feel like my feet gets neglected and I need to take better care of them during the winter months. Thanks for sharing this product on Merry Monday.



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