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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas has come and gone (rather quickly I might add) and I enjoyed every minute of it! First up, Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve for us is usually lunch at Adrian's grandparents house and then dinner at JC's mom's house. We do it this way so we don't have to go out with the kids on Christmas Day from house to house to visit. This way we gt to spend a good amount of time with all the grandparents. Back to Christmas Eve, I dressed the kids up:

I was thrilled to find this HUGE bow at Claire's. No idea how we will top this one!

First stop: Adrian's grandparents house. After saying hello to his grandparents, everyone disappeared and when I went looking for them, I found this in the living room:

The joys of technology, there was no running around, no "I'm bored", it was wonderful!

Grandma with the grandkids. There are still 4 grandkids missing in this pic!

Stop # 2 was JC's mom's house. She made dinner for us, the kids opened presents and then we sat around talking for a bit!

Stop # 3 was JC's friend's house. We stopped by to wish them a Merry Christmas and drop off a present for their adorable baby! Then we went home, got into our Christmas pj's and went straight to bed!!

Then Santa came!!

One of our Christmas traditions is that the kids pick out a wrapping paper at the store and we "send" it to Santa to wrap their gifts in. It's way easier for me to know which gift belongs to which child!

Kids gifts included their own chairs that my Mom got them. They are super comfortable!

Santa brought Big Hero 6 toys, lots of Lego's

a Nabi DreamTab (seriously Nabi's are the best kids tablets!)

and lots of WiiU games, including Sonic: Rise of Lyric

Santa even brought an Andrew Luck jersey for the non-Dolphins fan in our house. Do you think he was excited?

JC got a new Xbox One controller, Nerf football, clothes and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (we are obviously a gaming family!)

Santa remembered that I love cardigans and wanted a big crockpot badly!!

After all the present-opening craziness, the kids grabbed their Nintendo 3ds and got to playing their new games:

I was able to drag them away from their devices to get a family pic by the tree in our Christmas pj's (and a tutu, of course)!!!

After this my sisters, dad, niece and nephew came over for lunch and Amberly and Gian went home to celebrate Christmas with their mom! All in all it was an AMAZING day and one I will definitely remember. I'm hoping all the magic continues next year!!


  1. Love this! You guys are just too adorable!

  2. Lots of magic! And going from house to house! It must have been that happy and good kind of exhausting. So worth it and you'd do it all again.
    Love the photos and the great pajamas!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Love the jammies! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! Hope you had a great New Years too!

  4. Your Christmas looks like it was lovely! great family photos! Glad to have you in the Ravishing Writers group, looking forward to getting to know your blog :)



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