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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Northpole Breakfast 2014

A couple of weekends ago (yes I am THAT behind on posting) we had our Northpole Breakfast! I got this idea from Andrea at Momfessionals, who always shares all the amazing things she does with her kids. So, juse in case you are wondering, a Northpole Breakfast is a breakfast held after Thanksgiving and the Elf reappears. Well my kids had never had an Elf on the Shelf before and I wanted to make his appearance extra special for them! I set the table up the night before:

That's Buddy's tree. The kids were driving me nuts for a tree for their room this year so I got them this little one! I set it up with cute shatterproof mini ornaments and a sparkly skirt. 

I found these adorable plates at Target. I have seen them all over the blogosphere though so I'm pretty sure Target ran out. I bought the boys Santa and Amberly a snowman. On each plate was a letter introducing Buddy and a gift!

My kids love these jumbo marshamallows. We always have some in our pantry and this was a simple treat, just push in a candy stick and VOILA!!

THIS right here is the reason I do so much for my kids. These expressions right here do it for me. This is the joy of parenthood!! To say they were surprised is an understatement!

First, they each put on the elf hat that was on their chair and then they read their letters from Buddy. I had this fabulous printable ready for them and then I forgot to print them out so I had to write the letters last minute. Each letter mentioned that Santa had sent him to watch over them until Christmas and if they behaved, they would get those special gifts they had been wanting for a while. 

Then more excitement as they opened their gifts from Buddy:

This girl is a Rapunzel fan through and through and was super happy when Buddy brought her a Rapunzel ornament for their tree!

Darth Vader for Adrian

Rapuzel for Amberly

Spongebob for Gian

Then after a couple rounds of 20 questions about the Elf, we served them breakfast. JC made reindeer pancakes. I know usually kids have a sugar filled Northpole Breakfast but our kids are BIG pancake lovers and they would have cried and been miserable without pancakes. 

They really enjoyed their surprise. Oh and here comes my proud mom moment: as soon as they were done with breakfast, they sat at their little table by the TV and wrote thank-you notes without any encouragement from me! Yup, that will stay with me forever, that's how I know I am definitely doing something right!!

Buddy has since caused LOADS of mischief and the kids wake up super excited every morning to see what he has done. I enjoy the Elf and this Northpole Breakfast will definitely be happening again next year!!

How did you welcome your Elf on the Shelf?


  1. Awesome idea! Love the happy and surprised look on their faces :)


  2. How cute is this! Will you be my mom? Our Elf just shows fan fare. Altho I will do different things with I held him hostage with my son's zombies. My son was not amused! LOL

  3. Aww! You definitely caught some incredible expressions of their excitement.
    I love to know that true believing can last for years.
    And you really did a nice job with this breakfast!



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