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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Amberly is 9: Tutus, American Girl & Roller Skating!

On December 27th, Amberly turned 9 years old! Last year, she had a Rainbow Art Party for her birthday but this year she wanted a 9 pancake stack and to go roller skating. I like to make sure each birthday is special so I had a little surprise in store for her but first, her 9 pancake stack topped with 9 candles (she doesn't like cake!):

After she ate about 1/2 the stack (that skinny-minnie can eat!!) she changed into her birthday outfit. She picked out a glittery shirt, lime green tutu/petticoat, colorful bubble print leggings, pink wedge heels and a big white bow. Exactly what a girly 9 year old should wear, in my opinion. The boys were very excited and lovable with her on her special day!

So was her dad. This is the expression I get every time I say "Amberly, come take a pic with your dad, just you two!!" She is a BIG daddy's girl if I ever saw one. 

We arrived at The Falls Mall and started walking around. Now remember I told you there was a surprise. Well, Amberly had been asking for an American Girl doll all year and we pretended we didn't know what she was talking about. We could have easily bought her one for Christmas but I believe getting your first American Girl doll should be an unforgettable experience. So we planned to take her to the store so she could pick one out on her birthday. When we arrived at the mall, I told her I needed to pick up a few things before we went roller skating. She was super bummed that we were taking so long but walked next to me quietly. We passed in front of the American Girl store, she looked up at me and politely asked if we could go inside and look around. I told her we only had a few minutes. She went inside and was in shock. She grabbed my hand and asked me to walk with her. I had made arrangements to have a personal shopper waiting for her and as soon as they saw us come in, the shopper approached us and asked us if we needed any help. I said "Actually yes, we have a birthday girl here that will be getting her first American Girl doll today!" I heard a squeal and managed to capture the most joyous expression on her face:

Her personal shopper, Rosalyn, guided her through the store and helped her pick the doll that most resembled Amberly. Now, Amberly is terrible at making a decision, so this was a long process but Rosalyn was super patient with her. 

After she chose her doll, it was time to pick some outfits. This took another while and during this time, Amberly's mom showed up. Her mom, JC, Amberly and I walked around and around the store picking out outfits, a hair brush, shoes, etc..., waited in an eternal line (you would think people would be tired of spending money 2 days after Christmas but nope!) and then Colette joined our family.

If you have never been, the American Girl stores are quite an experience. There are so many dolls, the current and the history dolls, accessories, the Girl of the Year, books, a hair salon and a bistro. These dolls become a part of your family. Colette has been everywhere with Amberly ever since and we are already looking into her cruise outfits for when she comes with us on our Disney Cruise! 

After American Girl, we finally went roller skating. Amberly, JC and Gian love roller skating, me not so much and Adrian will attempt it for a bit. I invited one of his friends from school to join us and she convinced Adrian to skate with her. This was the cuteness I was dying over: 

Amberly looked amazing out there. Her tutu and roller skate look was classic. I kept watching her and thinking this is exactly what 9 should be. 

Their favorite part at the rink was when they played Red Light, Green Light. This is an incredibly hard game to play while roller skating but these kids are pros. 

I know Amberly really enjoyed this birthday. She is at an age where this will be one of those birthdays that leave an impactful memory. She did what she wanted to do, she was surprised, she was happy! I wish her the same for every birthday from here on. 

And now it's time to scour the internet for more tutus/petticoats...she is OBSESSED!

Does your child have an American Girl doll? Do you remember your 9th birthday?


  1. Happy belated birthday!! Looks like you had so much fun!! :)

  2. So wonderful! What a day and memory you gave her!

  3. Wow!! I got chills about you arranging that surprise and playing it off so well. And you got the photo of her face! I love that.
    And pancakes are special. I don't love birthday cake myself.
    My daughter doesn't have an American Doll yet. Maybe when she's 9!

  4. What a great birthday you made for her! I love that you surprised her with the doll, what a great memory you created :) My oldest turns 9 this year, I can't believe how fast they grow up!



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