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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Life Lately: L.A. Edition

Hello all! I'm back after a few days in L.A. Yup! You read that correctly, I was in L.A.!! I can't talk much about what I was actually there for (super-secret blogging stuff) but I did want to share some of it!!

First off.....there are actual mountains in L.A. This was my view while driving and I couldn't get over it! We have very low ground here in Florida, no hills or mountains or anything. If we didn't have tall buildings, you could probably see from one side of the state to the other!!

First thing I did when I left the airport was go to In & Out Burger!! I had always seen this burger mentioned everywhere and how you must make a stop if you ever go to L.A. and I did and it was FANTASTIC!! 

Other than my secret mission I went to L.A. for, I didn't really do much else. I was only there two days (Monday & Tuesday), the trip is so long and I was super excited. Also, I went by myself so I was a little scared to venture out!! I hung out in my hotel Monday afternoon and then went to meetings on Tuesday and then home. I got back here to Miami at 5am on Wednesday morning and went straight to work! I will tell you I really appreciated traveling by myself and being without family for 2 days. It really lets you miss them and realize how you really can't live without them!!

Oh and this is how most of my trip went..blogging at the airport!! Honestly, I loved every minute of it. Hopefully, one day I will become a full-time blogger!

When I got home, I saw that my #Disneyside package had arrived. I'm super excited to host a Villans-themed party in the next couple of weeks. Time to start planning!

It wouldn't be a life lately post without a kid update so here we go:

Adrian is terrorizing his teacher at school. He talks all the time, forgets his homework packet, it's insane. This is all newish to me so we are taking it day by day. Next year he will be in third grade and that is an extremely difficult grade so we are working on responsibility and good manners, of course!

Gian is doing well. He is working on focusing and not screaming everyday and we are all learning how to work thorough the ADHD diagnosis together and patiently. Definitely a new level to parenting. 

Amberly turning 9 has been fantastic. She is becoming way more independent and confident. She is all into her Nerf Rebelle and scooter right now. I can't even imagine how she would be if she saw Hunger Games.  This is how you will find her lately!

That's life lately around here, a little bit of everything! The next couple of days will be all about packing and moving so get ready for all the updates on Instagram!!

Tell me: What's going on with your families?

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  1. Um first of all, I"m totally intrigued by this secret trip to LA!!! Secondly, that's totally fascinating about the mountain thing in FL. That picture you took in the car looks exactly like Arizona. Thirdly, that's so awesome that you got to try In-N-Out for the first time!!! Isn't it so good?! I'm glad you had a nice time in LA and I have a feeling you'll definitely be a full time blogger one day!



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