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Monday, February 23, 2015

Ideas For A Shared Room For Three

Three kids in one room? Pretty insane, huh? Well that's the arrangement in our home and the kids love it. Only problem is the room is shared between two boys and a girl. I don't want it to be mitchy-matchy but I want it to coordinate. Not easy at all!! I also can't have too much stuff int here because the kids need somewhere to play! In my opinion, a shared room for three kids needs to have a bed for each child, toy storage, bookcases and closet space. Anything else might be a bit much. After being in our home for about two weeks now, I think I am getting a good idea of where I want to go with the room:

Ideas for a shared room for 3 kids

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1. Boys chevron bedding from Target. The boys have bedding in the same color as this but a different pattern. I am not too convinced with this bedding yet.

2. SVARTA Bunk Bed frame from IKEA. The boys already have this bed and it's fantastic. It's really held its own against my two boys!

3. Sheer curtains. I have basic white sheer curtains that I am going to put up on the one window in the room. With so much color around, I want to use very basic curtains.

4. Terra Edison Area Rug from Walmart. Tell me this rug isn't amazing? So colorful and so perfect for a kids room.

5. BILLY bookcases in Yellow from IKEA. These are the basic BILLY bookcases but with a yellow backing. They look amazing when put together. We purchased one over the weekend and plan on going back to get another.

6. 3D Adhesive Wall Decals from Target. These decals go perfect with Amberly's bedding. Since we are placing her bed between the bookcases and under the window, there isn't much wall space left for her. These decals are perfect for the little space left to decorate.

7. Girls Dot Bedding from Target. I purchased this bedding for Amberly last year and it's still available at Target. I mean girls bedding that isn't pink or character-themed? I'm sold!!

8. Dream Big wall art from I want to create a gallery wall in the room and it will be created around this Dream Big print.

9. TROFAST storage system from IKEA. This is the best kids storage system. We already have the bins from our previous TROFAST system and now we are just downsizing to this frame. Gotta keep those toys organized!!

10. Glow in the Dark Stars from Amazon. What's better than glow-in-the-dark stars? Nothing!! I plan on creating a cool galaxy on the ceiling for the kids. So fun and perfect for their age!!

Like I mentioned before, I'm not sold on the boys bedding and will probably change it later on. I am doing the 40 Days "No Unnecessary Spending" Challenge so I won't be buying anything right now but the bedding will be changed.

If you don't remember, the kids room currently looks like this:

Ideas for a shared room for 3 kids

If you notice the window in the top picture, that's where Amberly's bed will be moved and we will add a bookcase to each side. The boys bed might stay there or we might turn it against that back wall, not sure yet!!

Remember, we are renters so we can't paint or change the carpet. That's why I am bringing in color with the bookcases, rug and gallery wall!!

So now that I have shared my ideas, let me know what you think? Should I change the bedding? What would you add to a kids gallery wall?


  1. I can;t wait to see what this looks like after! This is going to be so cute! Painting would be nice but ya gotta work with what ya got!

  2. I love IKEA and Target! My kids share a room and it's a boy and a girl. I'm not sure how long it lasts but it's nice to think of ways to make it work.



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