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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

So We Moved.....

Moving update: So we started our move on Friday morning and we still aren't done. This has quite possibly been the longest and most eventful move of my life! It's Tuesday, it's been 4 days of packing, carrying boxes, unpacking and appliance fails! I swear appliances and I are not the best of friends lately but more into that later. Let's start with Friday:

I dropped off Adrian at school at 8:20am and went straight to U-Haul to rent our moving truck. We rented a 20 footer since we didn't think we had that much to move. Boy, were we wrong!

You might remember this pic from IG @scggirl 

I loaded the first box myself!! True blogger right here, making sure the first of everything is captured!!

We loaded boxes and furniture (1 TV unit, 3 beds, 1 bunk bed, 1 patio set, 1 computer desk and chair, 3 nightstands, 4 dressers and SOOO many boxes!) from about 10 am to 1pm. At 1pm we took off to the new place! A few hours later, it looked like this. 

We were exhausted. All the boxes and furniture had to be carried up to the second floor and then once inside, it had to be carried upstairs. Unfortunately, the policy at our new place only allows moving from 9am to 5:30pm so we returned the truck and started organizing the beds so we were able to sleep that night. Also, JC went to pick up Amberly and Gian since it was our weekend.

Now to the appliance fails. As soon as I got to the new place, I realized the refrigerator and the A/C unit were not cooling. I noticed the refrigerator first. I called our landlord and he was out of the country. With three kids, I was not going to be without a fridge all weekend so I quickly ordered a small compact fridge on and picked it up a couple of hours later. The small fridge along with a cooler got us through the weekend. Now the A/C was freezing over so we finally called a repairman last night and he replaced the Freon gas and we slept in a cold house last night for the first time in three days. 

I have tried to organize as best I can but with so much going on, its been hard. As of last night, this is what the house looks like: (Don't worry, no need to get ready to PIN anything!! LOL)


We don't have a dining table yet so we just piled stuff into this corner including our patio set since they are painting the outside of the buildings and we can't have anything on the balcony!

We don't have a couch either so more boxes piled into this area also. Mind you, these boxes hold items that go in the TV unit towers and more toys. There are toys everywhere people!!

My kitchen. Update on the fridge: my landlord is sending a repairman today!!! Thank goodness for emails! Anyway, back to the rest of the kitchen, I obviously need a trash bin, organization and my fridge to work so I can take out the cooler!

Sidenote: Since it was #NationalPizzaDay, we ordered pizza for dinner! I really want to get a storage piece for the kitchen that I could use as a pantry. Maybe it's time for a trip to IKEA!!

Upstairs, the bedrooms are fairing any better. JC still hasn't put together my bedframe and I need a headboard ASAP! 

The kids room is just as crazy! More toys, more boxes, more clothes everywhere. Hey, at least there are 2 beds made!

I know we will get organized soon enough, it's just there so much to do. I am going to make a goal of 4 donation boxes of stuff. There really is no need to have so much stuff no one even looks at!! I will post updates as the rooms get put together! Oh and I still have to go back to the old house and pick up MORE stuff. I swear I might just lose my mind after this move!!

Friends, please share your posts for organization in the comments, I need as much help as possible!!!


  1. I wish Cassidy commented on blogs because he's the king of organization! Happy moving to you! It can be stressful and also really an awesome adventure.
    Usually we go IKEA crazy and get bins for the kids.

  2. Girl, I'm going to be in the same boat as you soon! We close 2/20 and I am so overwhelmed. So glad you're all moved in though. Pinterest in my go-to place for everything. Been a pinning maniac lately. Definitely search organization and storage solutions!



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