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Thursday, April 30, 2015

DIY Captain America String Art

Disclosure: I am a Fandango Family blogger. I have been compensated for this post however, all opinions are mine alone.

Guys, we are getting closer and closer to the release of Marvel's The Avengers: Age of Ultron and here at Casa Second Chances Girl we are super excited for the release! In anticipation of the movie's release on Friday May 1st, we have been working on different Avengers themed crafts and today I want to share Adrian's favorite: a DIY Captain America String Art. This project was easy and fun to make and only took under an hour to complete. This is the perfect project for the Avengers fan in your life!!

DIY Avengers Captain America String Art  #FandangoFamily #ad

For this string art, all you need is a sqaure board (we chose a 12in x 12in board), thread (blue, red and white), blue paint, paintbrush, small nails (we used 16 gauge, 1-1/4 nails) and a hammer.

DIY Avengers Captain America String Art  #FandangoFamily #ad

First step is to paint the board. I only did one coat so it looks a little distressed. Then lightly trace the shield pattern on the board and start hammering the nails on the traced lines. Space the nails about 1/4 inch apart. 

DIY Avengers Captain America String Art  #FandangoFamily #ad

Now comes the fun part: adding the string! Start with the outer row of the shield. Make a small knot at one end of the string and string around one nail. Now, string from nail to nail, in any geometrical pattern you want (that's the fun part about string art) all the way around until you are back at the nail with the knotted end. I suggest you add at least two layers of string per section.

DIY Avengers Captain America String Art  #FandangoFamily #ad

Now move on to the star. Use your white string, do your knot, and string from point to point of the star. Then go back and fill in the star. End with a knot.

DIY Avengers Captain America String Art  #FandangoFamily #ad

Now go back to the red string on the circle around the star. Remember, the Captain America shield pattern of colors is red, white, red,blue and then white.

DIY Avengers Captain America String Art  #FandangoFamily #ad

We didn't add the blue string since our board is painted blue. I love how it came out and Adrian is proudly displaying it in his room! Now we just need to create a string art for Hulk, Iron-Man and Thor!!

DIY Avengers Captain America String Art  #FandangoFamily #ad

Tomorrow is the big day! Make sure to check out Fandango for movie trailers, tickets and insider fun for Marvel's The Avengers: Age of Ultron!

DIY Avengers Captain America String Art  #FandangoFamily #ad

As you know, I am a member of the fandango Family and over on their site, there is some amazing Avengers content and there are also other bloggers sharing incredible Avengers themed DIY's like DIY Hero Sandwiches and an Avengers party! Make sure to go check them out!

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