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Monday, May 18, 2015

Disney Dream Cruise: Day 2

I'm back with a recap of Day 2 on the Disney Dream. I am not the type of vacationer that likes to pack in a lot of activities into one day. I am on vacation to relax and that is exactly what we did on Day 2. We started off with everyone's favorite: Mickey Waffles!!!

This boy and I understand each other. Just grab and bite, no need to cut!!

I love this pic of Amberly and Gian. They might argue alot but they adore each other. 

Mommy and me selfie with Nassau in the background. We docked at Nassau early but we were in no hurry to get off the ship. This was probably around 9:30am!

After breakfast at Cabanas, we went to the Oceaneer's Club (the kid's club) to drop off Amberly and Gian Carlo. We had something special planned for Adrian. When we got there it was during Open House, when the parents can come into the club, and there was a dance party going on. You know my kids jumped right in. 

While they danced, JC and I toured the club. I love Disney for their attention to detail. Everything is exactly as you see in the movies. I mean, look at Andy's room from Toy Story!

and the Monsters, Inc., factory. It was so amazing. They also had Pixie Hollow for arts and crafts and Nemo's Reef as a computer station. I'm glad we got to see the club like this, it will be gong into renovation soon and out will emerge The Millenium Falcon!!! I need to go back just to see that!

Back on the dance floor was none other than Mickey Mouse himself leading the Hokey Pokey. 

This picture right here means so much to me. As a child, JC was never able to go on vacation with his family and now he was on a Disney cruise with his children. I came out of the kids club and saw him sitting in a porthole just staring out at Nassau. I didn't disturb him or ask him what he was thinking. I just quietly snapped this pic. 

We took Adrian with us and headed over to the theater. Yes, the Dream has a theater where they play Disney movies all day and guess what was being premiered while we were on the ship: AVENGERS: Age of Ultron!!!  We didn't tell Adrian anything, we just sat down and put on our 3D glasses. When the lights dimmed and he realized it was AVENGERS 2, he freaked out. He was so excited. 

He was in full Avengers gear on Saturday, hat, shirt, all of it.

It was a super cloudy day so after the movie and of course, some ice cream, we dropped Adrian off at the Oceaneer's club too. 

and JC and I got off the ship at Nassau. We wanted a day date and this was the perfect opportunity. 

We walked around the straw market and ended up at the Bacardi factory. And then, when in Rome...

That's one happy man right there. We sat outside for about 2 hours just people watching. There really isn't much else to do in Nassau and since they were getting ready for Carnaval, there was lots of people scrambling about. 

When we got back to the ship, we picked up the kids at the club (they didn't want to leave!) and headed up to the pool deck. They boys immediately got in line for the Aquaduck, JC napped on a pool chair, Amberly had more ice cream and I just hung out watching everyone.

Saturday night was the funnest night of our cruise because it was Pirate Night!! I had been planning out Pirate Night ever since I booked out cruise. I found the kids costumes at the Disney Store on super-clearance (about $9.99 each) and they went as Jake and Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. For JC and I, I purchased some black pants at Goodwill, shredded the bottom and we wroe t-shirts. The bandannas are given to you by your room host/hostess.  It cannot be a proper pirate night without a visit to Captain Jack Sparrow!

After Captain Jack, we were on our way to dinner when Amberly and JC ran into Captain Hook and Smee......

and the boys and I found Pirate Donald!!

We didn't make it to see Peter Pan but we will catch him next time!! We also made it to see the Villains Tonight show! It was so fantastic and hilarious! Dinner on Pirate Night was at The Royal Palace with yummy French food.

Doesn't he make a sexy pirate??

Pirate Night includes a super fun Pirate Deck Party at 10:30pm where there is a pirate show featuring Captain Jack Sparrow, a fireworks show and then an epic dance party. It becomes a club up on the pool deck and my kids took full advantage. I didn't know they had such amazing moves!!  We had so much fun at the party and didn't make it back to our cabin until well after midnight!!


  1. Your second day sounds like so much fun! I love all the little details they put into everything, even the events look like fun! It seems like you really do get the full Disney experience! :)

  2. Ahhh how did I miss part 1! Looks like you guys had a blast!! Love the pirate stuff... so cute! The kids look so happy Ida! You are creating life-long memories for them... love it!!! Can't wait to read more... hurry up... lol

  3. I want Mickey waffles!
    And that's how Des eats them. No cutting - just put the whole thing on a fork and take a bite. He eats cake that way too.
    So sweet about the photo of JC just looking out at Nassau! I love that story.
    And the Avengers!! We loved it!



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