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Friday, May 8, 2015

Sun Protection:101

Dislcoure: I am a Goddess Garden Ambassador and I have been provided products and compensation in exhange for this post. All opinions are mine alone.

Growing up in Miami, I've learned a thing or two about sun protection. To be honest, I really started to worry about protecting my skin from the sun in my late twenties. I don't want to be an old lady with leather skin. I also want to prevent skin cancer. I've seen many friends and family deal with skin cancer and I try to prevent it for me and my family as much as possible. With summer right around the corner, I thought I would share some of my sun protection tips with you!

Sun Protection 101. A native Floridian's tips for protecting oneself from the sun  #GoddessGarden #ad

Wear sunscreen. I know you hear this over and over in commercials and from your mother, but please wear sunscreen. I use Goddess Garden sunscreen on all of us. I use Goddess Garden because it's organic and chemical-free. Goddess Garden produces premium sunscreen products that go on sheer and provide serious protection from the sun using only plant-based ingredients and naturally-occuring minerals. We love to be outside and I make sure to always put suncreen on all of us before we step out, especially to the park or the beach/pool,

Apply a facial sunscreen.  I know that alot of people do not like to apply sunscreen on their face because it can be greasy or make you break out. I apply a sunscreen to my face every morning.  I use the facial sunscreen from Goddess Garden because it isn't greasy and my face hasn't had any breakouts. It's light and smells delicious.

Sun Protection 101. A native Floridian's tips for protecting oneself from the sun  #GoddessGarden #ad

Wear hats and sunglasses. You can always count on me wearing sunglasses. Eyes can get sunburned also and a good pair of sunglasses can't help prevent this. I also wear a hat when I am at the park, beach or pool. I don't need any extra sun on my face.

Use sunscreen year-round. The sun's UV rays are powerful all year-round. Wear sunsreen every day. It will become a habit quote quickly and you will be an example to your children to always wear sunscreen!

Sun Protection 101. A native Floridian's tips for protecting oneself from the sun  #GoddessGarden #ad

Again, I'm sure you have heard and/or read these tips many times but it's never enough when it comes to sun proection. Please, please, please remember to apply sunscreen before going out. Remember to apply sunscreen to your hands and ear lobes. They get more sun than you think!

Tell me: Do you apply sunscreen everyday?

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