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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sweet Teacher Appreciation Gift Basket

May 4th-May 8th is Teacher Appreciation Week and if there has ever been a profession that should have a week of appreciationm it's is a teacher. In my opinion, these men and women are saints. They teach our kids, care for our kids and dedicate their lives to teaching others. I could never be a teacher. I do not have the patience to teach. It takes a very special type of person to be a teacher! I am super appreciative of Adrian's teachers. He is not easy and she handles him and 19 others like a pro. My friend asked me if I would help her out and make a little something we could gift the second grade teachers this week to show how much we really appreciate them. I know teachers like to have a little stash of treats at their desks so I decided that a small basket of sweet treats would be perfect!

Sweet teacher appreciation gift basket idea

This is the easiest gift basket I have ever put together. I had to make 4 baskets and I didn't want them to be huge so I purchased little loaf containers at Michael's and a variety of chocolates in 0.55 oz packages. I also purchased different kinds of Mentos, just to include some sort of candy.

Sweet teacher appreciation gift basket idea

Then I just added a ribbon and a tag. I made the tags a little oversized (so it looks cuter!) and attached them with hot glue. VOILA!! super easy and cute gift basket!

Free Printable labels for teacher appreciation gifts

Wanna make these for your kids teacher? GREAT! I have the printable for you, just click here! I told you this was super easy and i know your child's teacher will love them. I can't wait to give Adrian's teacher and the other 2nd grade teachers their lsweet baskets tomorrow!!

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  1. That's very sweet! Scarlet's school is celebrating but I haven't done anything yet and I want to help.



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