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Monday, June 15, 2015

Yes Day Recap

This past Saturday we had our annual "Yes Day." This is the one day a year the kids get to choose what we do, what we eat and where we go (within reason). Yes, I know how insane this sounds and I might need to be medicated for agreeing to such a crazy idea but they really enjoy it. I believe that kids need a say every once in a while. JC hates this day, I'm alright with it and obviously, the kids love it! I will tell you one thing though: with three kids, Yes Day is one of the longest days in parenting history! You have been warned!

(all phone pics)

Yes Day started off early, like 8am early. Adrian had soccer practice and Gian Carlo decided to tag along, not before setting out his ingredients for breakfast. Amberly stayed in with JC and the boys and I headed out.

"Ida, can I bring my skates to the park?" Yes! So while Adrian and Ivanna were at practice, Gian Carlo was skating and scraping his knees since he refused to wear knee pads. 

We got back home to breakfast being made in the kitchen. Everyone wanted just pancakes and bacon, so pancakes and bacon it was. Breakfast was followed by playing Splatoon on the WiiU. 

When they got tired of playing Splatoon (i.e. the Gamepad ran out of charge!) it was time to head out. By the way, Yes Day also includes getting to wear what they want. Gian Carlo did alright...

but Amberly was a whole other story. She said it matched because her shirt and socks were striped. Sure kid! Oh and no bow in her hair. 

The kids wanted to go to Skyzone so of course we did. "Can I swing on the railing?" Yes! 

Unfortunately, Skyzone was packed so the kids decided they wanted frozen yogurt, so off to Menchie's we went. 

Then the boys wanted haircuts. Thankfully, our barber was able to squeeze them in. Everyone participates in Yes Day! I was still all smiles at 5pm!

Gian Carlo go rid of the crazy hair and got a "movie star" haircut.

while Adrian got a full on mohawk. He wanted a blue mohawk, but thankfully, the barber didn't have the blue hair dye!

"Can we go to Dave & Busters?" Yup! After spending $75 in playing cards (I know!!) JC and I made a beeline for the bar!

Moscow Mule anyone?

Amberly was the first one to go through her card and came back with a giant pencil. Of course the artist would come back with a giant pencil.

They are two peas in a pod.

Adrian wanted JC to play with him so I was left at the bar alone. When I decided to walk around I found JC playing Galaga.

We left Dave and Busters around 10pm. I thought the kids would be exhausted but no. When we got home, they didn't shower (Yes Day!), pulled out their Nerf guns and it was Hunger Games time. I closed the door to their room, took a nice long shower and went to bed. JC stayed up and told me he made them stop Hunger Games and go to bed at 12:01am because it was no longer Yes Day!

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  1. I think that sounds fun! And man, you got off easily for doing haircuts on Yes day. That blue dye might have been something to say YES to, had it been in stock!



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