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Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to School 2015-2016

It's that time again, time to send the kids back to school! This morning was insane and I can't believe I am actually posting this today and not ten weeks later (as I have been known to do!) This morning, JC and I split up handle the first day madness. He took Amberly and Gian to their new school and I took Adrian back to his. There is no way we can make all three kids on the same day. It's hard to miss being a part of these days for everyone, but thankfully we take lots of pictures!!

Adrian was not happy to start third grade....

Amberly was really nervous over the weekend but thankfully, she was in a great mood this morning...

Gian was the most excited to go back but this morning, he wasn't too sure to start second grade!

School security is at an all-time high in our schools and this was the only day we could walk the kids to their classrooms. I love to walk into their classrooms and see where they will spend their day. Amberly and Gian will be in those classrooms all day. Adrian's school has new scheduling where he will be with four different teachers so he will be moving around a lot. He is not happy about this and even though I tried my best efforts to get him to smile, this was how I left him:

I have a feeling the really big first day smiles are history for him, maybe I will get another one from him his senior year of high school! 

I really hope they each have an amazing first day! I can't wait to talk to them all after school, especially Ivanna who started middle school today and forgot to send me a pic!

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  1. Aww.. I hope they had great days!! We start in nine days and I'm totally not ready.
    I just love summer way too much.



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