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Monday, October 19, 2015

Easy DIY Fall Picture Frame

It's all the fall things time on the blog! Fall really is my favorite season. I love pumpkin everything! I love that the weather here in Miami is finally below 90 degrees and I love decorating for fall!
One of my favorite parts about holiday decorating is adding framed pictures to my decor. I love to pull out old fall pictures and old Halloween pictures. I mean I took the pictures because my kids were super cute right, why not display them? Only problem is I like to keep everything in theme so once I pull out the fall pictures, I need a fall picture frame to display them in. Nope, a regular frame just won't do!

Display pictures with this easy DIY Fall picture frame! #sponsored

You already know that when I saw easy, I mean easy. All you need for these frames is a trip to your nearest craft store to pick up: 4 x 6 wood frames (mine were $1), paint in fall colors (I picked yellow), pumpkin stickers and fall colored leaves. Well I had to buy fall colored leaves because our local palm fronds would have looked a little weird. If you are one of those lucky souls that has beautiful fallscape all around you, then please use those beauties!

Paint your frames. I gave mine two coats so they would be nice and bright!

While your frames are drying, pull out the trust hot glue gun and get that sucker warmed up. Then just glue two leaves to the bottom corner.....

and the top corner of your frame. Then, add your pumpkin stickers. Pumpkins just scream fall!

Display pictures with this easy DIY Fall picture frame! #sponsored

I am madly in love with these pumpkin stickers. They might or might not be all over my planner!

Now, choose the picture for your frame. I chose to use one of our studio pictures that we took at Portrait Innovations earlier this year. When we took our pictures, I made sure to pick a woody background so I would be able to continue displaying my pictures during the holiday season. **Crazy mama....always planning ahead!**

Don't my three kids look adorable in this picture? I still can't believe how cooperative they were. The staff at our local Portrait Innovations was great. They made the kids feel welcomed which instantly lead to fun pictures with cooperative children! 

Once I put my picture in the frame, I placed my frame in my bookcase, along with a pumpkin and family sign! Not too over the top but it does scream FALL!!

Display pictures with this easy DIY Fall picture frame! #sponsored

These frames are so easy, the kids could make them as gifts for grandparents, aunts and other family members. You get lots of pictures in the packages from Portrait Innovations so once you go take your pictures, start pulling out those craft supplies and put the kids to work!

Tell me: Do you display themed pictures in your holiday decor?

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by B2K Media Marketing and Portrait Innovations. However, all opinions are mine alone!

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