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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Life Lately: All About Adrian

WOW! Anyone out there still reading this blog? I feel like I haven't really sat down to write about personal stuff in a long time. Today, I decided to update you on my life lately with Adrian. I never knew one child could be so much work.  I have no idea how parents with multiple kids do it.

Back to Adrian. So last week, I checked his school app to review his grades and noticed that he had gotten F's on his math and science test. Tests I didn't even know he had. I quickly contacted his teacher and we had a parent-teacher conference on Wednesday. During this conference, I learned that Adrian leaves all his paperwork in class, including the class newsletter that has test dates on it. I assured the teacher that he will begin being more responsible and he now brings a backpack full of papers home every night. We also spent all weekend studying for three tests he has this week!

Last week, he also started complaining about headaches so I called his pediatrician and they told me to get his eyes checked. I called a pediatric optometrist, made an appointment for Tuesday afternoon where I was told he could barely see out of his left eye. INSERT SUPER WORRIED MOM HERE! The doctor prescribed glasses and we started the journey into vision repair and glasses.

Thankfully, by Thursday afternoon, his glasses were ready. I picked them up and he began wearing them but was a little unsure about going to school on Friday wearing glasses.

Sure enough, he had a bad day on Friday. He said kids made fun of him for wearing glasses. Thankfully, his friends were very supportive. When I picked him up from after care, he told me that while he was playing football with his friends, the ball hit his pinky and it was jammed. I put some ice and we went home. When we woke up on Saturday, his finger was purple and I knew something else was wrong. Straight to the ER where we found out that he broke his finger.

To add on to all this crazy, he began tutoring on Saturday for reading comprehension issues and I have spent the week trying to figure out insurance procedures for scheduling an appointment with a pediatric orthopedist to see if he will need a cast for his finger.

It's been a LOOOOOOOONG 2 weeks and I really am spent!

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