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Monday, October 26, 2015

Zoological Wildlife Foundation Miami: A Hidden Gem in Miami

I was born and have lived my entire life in Miami. I thought I knew everything this city had to offer, until this weekend when JC surprised me with a trip to the Zoological Wildlife Foundation Miami. This place is truly a hidden gem. The Zoological Wildlife Foundation is an organization dedicated t educating the public are rare and endangered species in the captivity and in the wild. I would consider this a private zoo as tour appointments have to be made but honestly, it's worth every penny. They have lions and tigers but they also have owls (the reason JC took me), kinkajous, leopards, porcupines and a plethora of monkeys and apes. So many animals I was overwhelmed. JC found this place online as he was looking for an owl encounter for me (there aren't really that many). I love owls but had never actually seen one until Saturday!

Yup, that's a real spectacle owl! You are able to pet it and honestly, when you are so close, they are kind of creepy. When they look at you, you feel like you are being judged by a cruel teacher at school!

JC loved the monkeys, two babies.....

see that joy of playing with baby animals, until.....

one of them pulls on your lumberjack beard!

Then it was time to interact with the most adorable animal I have ever seen...a kinkajou! This kinkajou only wanted to cuddle and be held like a baby. I melted!!

This magnificent creature just watched us. Hank was kind and let us pet him. He also like taking selfies. If you stand behind him and hold your phone up in front, he will pose!

After some more interactions (a baby alligator, tortoise, baby otter) it was time for a tour. This facility had so many animals. My favorite were the white lions (brought to the US to be saved from hunters in South Africa) and JC's favorite was Aladdin the camel.

This lion just turned 5 and is supposed to be a mature adult but he just wants to be pet!

I have so many more pictures but honestly, this is definitely a place to check out in person. This foundation is doing so many amazing things to care for these animals and I recommend it to all those traveling to Miami! I can't wait to take Adrian!!

I posted more pics on my IG:

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