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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


NINE. Today is Adrian's NINTH birthday. I still cannot believe it as I am typing this post. Nine years have passed in a blink of the eye. I always thought the saying "The days are long but the years are short" was kinda corny but today I understand it. I look at my boy and wonder where the past nine years have gone.

This year he asked for a laser tag party. Adrian gets what he wants on his birthday so on Sunday, we celebrated with a party at Laserland. He invited alot of his friends, his step-siblings his cousins. In total, he celebrated with 15 of his nearest and dearest!

I am kinda loving having parties at places like Laserland. They do everything. All you need to do is bring the cake and goody bags. They entertain the kids, feed them and clean up!

Family first and these people right here never miss a party! 

I was so relaxed. No need to stress when everything is being done for you!

Here are the kids getting ready for laser tag. They played 2 games. One just the kids and the other, adults versus kids. The adults came out of that room sweaty and defeated!

My friends and I even joined in the fun. In between the laser tag games, there is an arcade where the kids can play. We took advantage to play a game of air hockey while they were playing a laser tag game!

He only had one other request for his birthday: a camo cake. He didn't want a regular camo cake though, it had to be black and white camo. I ordered a regular cake from our local bakery and JC attached the camo-shapes at home with sugar sheets!

Adrian and my brother. These two argue as much as any two people can argue but I know there is lots of love there too!

His Tita. My mom and Adrian have an incredible bond!

With my sisters. These are his other two moms (that let him get away with whatever he wants!)

Today, he is celebrating his special day by going to a blogging event with me (oh the joys of being a blogger's kid) and then we will go to the toy store to use up some gift cards he received on Sunday. Oh and of course, there will be another cake. It's my strong belief that there must be a cake and singing on your actual birthday, no matter how else you may celebrate!!

Happy Birthday Adrian! I love you from the bottom of my heart and to the moon and back! 

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  1. Happy 9th! Wow! Scarlet turning six still blows my mind.
    I love the photos where he's with your sisters or mom. So special.
    And I'd love a party where everything is done for me!



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